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Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5044

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Zlin city stage (by Jan Kaderabek) available for everyone in practice, hotlap and online races and updates on the stage. Big thanks to Jan ( and all of you who supported the creation process of Zlin all these years Jan has been working on it. Please read below for more details.
- Improvement: openRBRVR (by Antti Keränen) virtual reality plugin update with several new improvements and bug fixes. Please read below for more details.
- Improvement: RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager improvements (by WB) and dozens of new "car body part configuration" definitions (sample_car_skins installation package). Please read below for more details.
- Fixes: RBRControls and RSF plugin fixes here and there as usual.

- Updated stage:
- Zlin SS1 (by Jan Kaderábek)
The new 9km version of Zlin (3 laps) with weather and replay improvements.
The map is now allowed in practice, hotlap and online racing for everyone.
The special content purchased by supporters is now added alongside the road (banners, custom characters, flags).
The new tracksettings weather options enabled in a stage selection screen (wet/rain/bad weather).
If user has a custom pacenote file for the old 3km version then those MyPaceNote note files are ignored automagically. The stage fallbacks to use default notes. A driver needs to re-create custom notes for this stage because those old notes don't match all corners anymore.

- Vesikkola (by Henri Pellinen):
Updated particle effects to make it less distracting in a cockpit view.

- Saalahti (by RALLY Guru):
Updated default pacenotes and a wet physic and weather options.

- openRBRVR v0.4.5 (by Antti Keränen):
0.4.5 - Fix tracking lag that occurred for some Oculus users.
0.4.5 - Fix particle rendering issue where too much of the particles were visible inside the car cockpit. Thanks to mika-n for the help tracking down where particle rendering happens.
0.4.4 - Changes to potentially improve the stability of the plugin.
0.4.4 - Fix black opaque square being rendered in front of the car in external cameras if "render car shadows" was active.
0.4.3 - Combine previous cockpit rendering detection logics. They both have issues with certain cars so both are now used to minimize car rendering issues.
0.4.3 - Fix a logic bug with "Always call Present" debug option that rendered it useless.

Please note! Sometimes you may have to do "toggle VR off/on" after an update in RSFLauncher app to make sure files are properly in place if you have both openRBRVR and the classic RBRVR plugins installed.
Also, thanks to Caiusbaro (French) and RadstaR (Czech) for translating the openRBRVR documentation file.

- New and updated RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager - Car body part configurations:
By AleksiP: Lada VFTS, Ford Focus WRC (2006), Open Adam R2, Skoda Favorit, Toyota Yaris WRC, Renault Clio R3, Renault Clio4 R3T, Renault ClioV Rally4, Renault Twingo R1, Renault Twingo R2, Renault Clio Williams, VW Golf (1986), Citroen DS3 R1, Citroen DS3 R3, Citroen C2 S1600, Citroen C2 R2, Subaru Impreza N14, Peugeot 208 R2, Seat Leon Cupra, Fiat 500 Abarth, Peugeot 106.
By mika-n: Ford Escort MK2

Attention attention. RBR wants you! Voluntary work available. Please take a look at skin and body part configuration options in for example cars/Fiesta_Rally3/carparts and skins folders and cars/PEUGEOT_208_Rally4/carparts folders. There you can see how to define car body part INI options and preview images for the RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager. This is a great chance to improve your favorite cars even further. Often many car models come with random set of INI files for certain configuration options, but not in a structured format. This makes it difficult for less experienced RBR users to apply those model options. It would be great if you could help to turn those random INI files as a structured carpart configuration option(s). Then those options would be automatically available and shown in RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager GUI for everyone.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.46.0 (3,62Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5043

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: The car selection menu in Online rally now shows favorite cars option also if one or more of your favorite cars are available in the rally.
- New: RaceStatDB database collects local statistics of all offline and online races. This database now keeps track of the setup file you used in a specific race. For now this data is available only for 3rd party plugin developers and not directly for a driver, but at some point there will be a new RSFLauncher page to analyze the own data.
- New: RBRControls has new "VR Reset" and "VR Toggle Debug" binding options (supports both the new openRBRVR and the classic RBRVR plugins).
- New: RSFLauncher.MyCars page has a new SkinManager feature. WB had been working on this feature for some time ago and now the feature is ready to go public. You can easily switch between alternative car skins or even car body parts. More details about this below. Only Ford Fiesta Rally 3, Peugeot 208 Rally 4 and Opel Ascona 400 has example of these, but more cars to follow soon.
- New: RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics page has new virtual reality options and supports switching between openRBRVR and RBRVR plugins if you have installed both plugins.
- New: RSFLauncher.Controls.AdjustSteeringWheelRotationRange feature now supports several Asetek wheelbases. Thanks to Retep Voit for being a brave beta tester.
- New: RSFLauncher.Plugins page has a new "config" shortcut link to open a plugin specific configuration file in case you want to tweak something under the hood. But, if you are unsure of those additional config file options then be careful to mess with those.
- Fixes: Bug fixes here and there as usual.

There is a new VR king in town. VR used to be taken care of RBRVR plugin. It has served well, but age has started to be shown there. Antti 'TorttuP' Keränen took the challenge and created a brand new VR plugin for RBR to boost VR picture quality, performance and feature set. Here we want to send big thanks to TheIronWolf also for creating a VR plugin for GTR2 racing game. This new openRBRVR plugin shares some of the components TheIronWolf created for GTR2 game. Take your hat off when you see TorttuP and TheIronWolf.

RSF highly recommends all VR users to give a test drive with the new openRBRVR (by Antti Keränen, also known as TorttuP in Discord) vr plugin. You can use RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics.VirtualReality options to choose between the new openRBRVR and the classic RBRVR plugins. This plugin is still under heavy development, so please join the Rallysimfans Discord and VR channel there to find other people using the plugin. From there you'll find links to openRBRVR specific Discord channel also if you want to discuss in more technical details with the plugin author Antti (TorttuP).

RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager. If you are a skin author then please take a look at Cars/Fiesta_Rally3/skins/ folder as an example of "RBR skin delivery folder structure". If you would publish your new skins using this logic then it would easy for other users to download and install your custom skin packages when users know how to install all skins regardless of the author and still being able to switch between skins and not overwriting existing skins. For now users could extract custom skin packs in skins subfolders and then RSFLauncher SkinManager should see it from there and show as an alternative skin for a car.

RSFLauncher.MyCars.CarParts. A car specific body parts are usually the same for all skins, so Cars/Fiesta_Rally3/carparts/, Cars/Peugeot_208_Rally4/carsparts/ and Cars/Open_Ascona_400/carparts/ type of folder structure will be hopefully introduced for more and more cars by voluntars and RSF team. Here we hope your help. It would be a fanstastic way to contribute to all RBR drivers if you could take your favorite car and to create carparts folder content with proper INI files and preview images. The best solution would be if a car model author could do this already when releasing the car model. Now too often those car parts INI files are just a random collection of manually edited text files or a car model author needs to use time to create a car specific custom application.

There are also new and updated translations: Mashironn (Indonesia).

- New Stages:
- 484 Vacarisses SS2 = Vicenç Caihuelas gives us a Christmas present with a new Spanish tarmac stage. People in Spain should recognize this stage. We remember how one or two years ago Spanish RBR drivers complained "why so few new Spanish stages". Well, Vicenç for sure heard you and everyone else loud and clear. Vacarisses is a twisty tarmac challenge.
- 485 Woliborz-Jodlownik = If you don't know a RBR stage making studio name Baran Tracks (Krzysztof Baran) then after this stage for sure you should mark the name. Year ago Rosciszow-Walim stage was a statement already and this new Woliborz-Jodlownik stage is another solid statement. A fact check: Beauty is on the stage, not just on the beholders eye.
- 487 Vesikkola = It is difficult to surprise a veteran Finnish gravel lover with a surprise stage. Vesikkola (by Henri Pellinen) came out of blue sky and did surprise everyone. Henri Pellinen (hepeeee) gave us all this speedy gravel stage with ups and downs and blind corners. Don't blame us, that's how gravel roads in the middle of nowhere have evolved through out decades in Finland. If you blink at wrong time then pick a tree to crash into.
- 488 Saalahti = A gravel stage from the master himself, RALLY Guru. What could go wrong? Nothing and that's why this one will be a hit (maybe not the best word to say it in RBR). Finnish RBR test drivers are ready to bet RALLY Guru has a secret Finnish rally passport and Sauna at home because this stage feels and looks so realistic.
- 902 Skidpad = A tutorial stage by Nereu Rocha for everyone who wants to learn to create their own RBR stage. "Unofficial" map and RSF Installer app doesn't install it by default. Please see the end of the MAPS list in RallySimFans_Installer app to install "902 Skidpad" stage. After the installation make sure to read the Readme file in maps\902-Skidpad folder to find a link to a tutorial video series about RBR stage making in Blender tool. See the video list in

- RBRHUD by Towerbrah
- Fixed an issue where RBRHUD would partially or fully disappear during replays.
- Gauge Updates:
- Some gauges were downscaled to lower FPS impact.
- Various fixes, tweaks and improvements done to a number of gauges
- New gauges:
- Lancer EVO X by KaRally
- BMW M1 by Cubits
- Escort mk2 by Mashiroon, PeterB
- i20 wrc21 by voc
- Citroen C3 WRC17 by Fast Burno
- Polo R5 by Fast Burno
- Fabia R5 2018 by Mashiroon

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.45.0 (3,61Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5042

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Improved NGP plugin version (by WorkerBee). See below for more details.
- New: New options in RSFLauncher.Controls ("Parallel Controller Input Rate" and "Parallel FFB Effects Rate") to configure new controller rate features of NGP plugin (input and FFB rate).
- Improved: RallySimFans installer tries to update itself automatically if an old version is detected.
- Fixes: Bug fixes here and there as usual.

NGP plugin version 7.2.773.479 (by WorkerBee):
- Input and FFB rate configurable (maximum 1000 hz).

If a steering wheel doesn't work (delays, control inputs lost) or RBR stutters occasionally then those new options in NGP plugin (see "parallel input rate" and "parallel FFB effects" options in RSFLauncher.Controls page) may help to workaround those issues. Lower the Parallel FFB rate value until FFB effects are still good enough and the steering wheel seems to respond normally. You can also set a lower parallel input rate value. If a steering wheel works OK then you don't have touch these options, otherwise try values between 400 and 1000 hz. We would appreciate if you could post your "good and proven" values in RSF Discord channel if a certain steering wheel required tweaks to these options.

Updated translations. Portuguese (Ricardo Soares, MiguelBernardo7), Czech (JordanT), Hungarian, Greek (Haris Gavalas), Finnish.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.44.8 (3,59Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5041

- New: NGP772 (by WorkerBee) physics version and plugin updates (see below for more details).
- Fixed: Other small bug fixes in RSF here and there as usual.
NGP plugin version 7.2.772.478 (by WorkerBee):
- separate input and FFB handling
- support sequential and h-pattern shifting

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.44.3 (5,93Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5040

- New: RBRHUD has now even more cars with a custom dashboard gauges (by AleksiP, Towerbrah, cGordon, Cubits, PeterB, Fast_Bruno, PClipse, Flairpin, Mashironn, voc, NpNEXMSRXR).
- New: RBRHUD plugin (by Towerbrah) has also various improvements and bug fixes.
- New: RSFLauncher app converted and upgraded to use the latest Microsoft .NET Core version. No more complains why RSFLauncher doesn't work or why Microsoft's "Download .NET Core" button downloaded a wrong version.
- New: RSFLauncher supports a new DgVoodoo2 DirectX11/DirectX12 compatibility layer option (RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics.FullscreenMode). DX11/DX12 is alternative graphics mode for cases where Vulkan 1.3 version doesn't work. Especially some very old AMD GPUs may work better with DX12 than with Vulkan.
- New: RBRControls plugin supports keyboard bindings and custom1-3 user defined custom binding options (user defined keyboard events. See RBRControls.ini and Readme_RBRControls.txt file for mroe details)
- New: NGP772 (by WorkerBee) physics version and plugin updates (see below for more details).
- New: Czech RSFLauncher translation (by JordanT).
- New: Polish RSFLauncher translation (by jbg93rbr & Król Alfons Kotojad Alf II).
- Improved: Under the hood RSF network communication layer updated to be more fault tolerant if the network connection is unstable or exceptionally slow.
- Improved: Certain installation packages splitted in smaller parts to make it easier to update only specific packages in the future.
- Improved: Obsolete and "crash dangerous" RBR files renamed as abc.disabled to avoid people trying to use those files (fex no one should use richardburnsrally_nosse.exe file).
- Fixed: Fixed an issue with digidash replay style selection at runtime when resolution was more than 1920x1080 (Disable option with replay digidash style didn't work).
- Fixed: Other small bug fixes in RSF here and there as usual.

Special thanks to Aesthetic_sofa for providing new fresh looking weather and tire icons.
Thank you JoranT, jbg93rbr and Król Alfons Kotojad Alf II for helping to localize RSF to new languages.

- Updated maps:
- Ul-Rajdowa and Ul-Rajdowa R updated by Dej Krzysztof (added a chicane in Ul-Rajdowa, fixed an asphalt patch and collision issue)

NGP 7.2.772 (2023-10-18) from WorkerBee:
- support multiple UDP telemetry endpoints
- fixed sporadic shifting issues with some devices

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.44.0 (5,93Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5038

- New: RBRHUD created by Towerbrah, plus team of people creating new dashboards for several cars. See below for more information about this new exciting feature never before seen in RBR.
- New: RSFLauncher.Cockpit&Dashboard options to configure RBRHUD.
- New: NGP Physics plugin from WorkerBee with timer, hpattern and replay manager improvements.
- Improved: RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics.FullscreenMode option now remembers how it was set in 2D and VR modes when you toggle the VR mode on and off.
- Improved: RSFLauncher.Controls has new FFB deadzone and FFB deadzone force threshold options to filter out certain FFB effects (if FFB seems to be nervous when a steering wheel is at center position then you can try to filter out effects caused be FFB oscillation. See plugins/NGP/Readme.NGP.txt for more details).
- Improved: RBRControls. Improved and optimized the use of controls and shows a warning message if the original RBR hpattern gaer controls have been assigned (it doesn't make sense to use both RBRControls hpattern and RBR hpattern bindings at the same time. Use only one of the bindings for hpattern shifting).
- Other smaller RSF plugin updates and bug fixes as usual.

- New RSFLauncher translations (thank you for the contribution):
- German (razoraH, DG301)
- French (BlauGregg, Daniel Monteiro)
- Italian (Filippo Caneo, Polish)

- New Stages:
- RabocsiRing 2021 Rally Hungary SS1 (Hlavi, klacix, Falcon, Atiwrc, Pacsuta Tibor)
- RabocsiRing RX (Hlavi, klacix, Falcon, Atiwrc, Pacsuta Tibor)

RBRHUD plugin revoluziones how gauges look and behave in RBR cockpit view. This is yet another milestone for RBR to improve immersion. Gauges are embedded into 3D models and made to look as close to real world counterpart as possible. Especially VR players love this. Certainly you can still use both the new RBRHUD gauges and the classic (floating) RBR digidash together if needed. At the moment more than 60 cars have a new RBRHUD dashboards and more to come. This is also a great chance for you to contribute to RBR by creating new RBRHUD gauge designs. There will be soon detailed instructions how to modify RBRHUD gauges, but for now you can take a look at how existing gauge templates have been defined.

RBRHUD also visualizes car damages during race, so you no longer need to guess what did you break this time.

RBRHUD. A note to AMD graphics card users. If you don't see animated gauges then you may have to enable Vulkan mode in RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics settings because of couple AMD dx9 driver issues.

The launch video of RBRHUD:

RabocsiRing stage is a special circuit type of track and it has been part of Rally Hungary in several years. Hlavi, klacix, Falcon, Atiwrc and Pacsuta Tibor teamed up and created this very unique and beatiful looking stage. A word of warning, slippery when wet...

The launch video of RabocsiRing:

NGP plugin version 7.2.771.469 (by WorkerBee):
- fixed stutter and timer issues
- enhanced replay input buffer
- performance improvements, use multiple CPU cores
- removed adaptive FFB (obsolete)
- use RBR engine volume setting for FMOD engine sounds
- mute RBR engine sound in replay when car has FMOD bank
- fixed HUD distance to end calculation
- reset camera zfar setting on stage load to prevent unwanted pop-ins
- requires PaceNote plugin 1.14 or higher for replay speed handling

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.43.0 (5,93Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5036

- Fix: NGP plugin 7.2.771 version update to workaround occasional stuttering and timing synchronization issues in some PCs

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.42.1 (6,13Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5035

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Major update in NGP physics plugin (by WorkerBee) with improved FFB effects, steering sensitivity and performance (multiple CPU core support). See below for more details.
- New: New PaceNote plugin version (By WorkerBee) to support the latest NGP plugin. See below for more details.
- New: RBRControls. supports user defined short and long delay and context sensitive bindings (all RBR game states, racing state, menu state context). This makes it easier to bind the same button to do different things in menus and in racing.
- New: RSFLauncher. Screen&Graphics and Cockpit&Dashboard has new "VR Racing" options to make it possible to define different gfx settings for 2D and VR gaming modes.
- Improved: RSF. FMOD audio selection is now in RSF Utils/CarManager in-game menu.
- Improved: RBRControls. Obeys RSFLauncher.Controls.PreventRepeatedShiftEvents config option to workaround faulty shifter hardware.
- Improved: RBRControls. Separate sound volume options for the missed gear or clutch sound effect and for the shifter type notification message.
- Improved: RSFLauncher. New proofread languages (DeepL machine translation fixed). German (razoraH), Greek (PureSimRally Haris Gavalas & Dimitrisqwerty), Portuguese (Ricardo V. Soares). Thank you very much for sharing these translations.
- Fix: RSFLauncher.Controls.AdjustSteeringWheelRange fix for Simagic wheelbases using the latest firmware.
- Other smaller RSF plugin updates and bug fixes as usual.

New Stages:
- Ul--Rajdowa (Dej Krzysztof)
- Ul--Rajdowa R (Dej Krzysztof)
- SSS Alpes Rally School (DMrally)
- Ouninpohja 1986 (Justup and BTBfin)

Thank you and congratulations Dej Krzysztof for making the first map release (Ul--Rajdowa and Ul--Rajdowa R) in RallySimFans. These are his first RBR map releases, but stages look so good that it is difficult to believe. The stages are technical and narrow, so be careful out there.

We have also pleasure to enjoy yet-another new stage from the legend himself, DMrally. Alpes Rally is well known stage, but this time a surprise stage from DMrally as a two laps super special stage in Alpes. Keep your eyes on the road, not in the sky.

Talking about legends. Ouninpohja is a legendary gravel stage to make every driver feel a rookie and fearing running out of fuel. Ouninpohja 1986 is a shorter 7.5km version, so maybe this time you can brag at school yard you have completed Ouninpohja?

Make sure to read README files in 479-Ul--Rajdowa and 481-SSSAlpesRallySchool MAPS folders to learn more about these stages and how those were created.

Updated stage:
- Drazgose 2014, aka Zelezniki (Pintar Bojan + DmRally). Zelezniki stage was updated and renamed to match the actual stage name.

Re-structured and optimized track data files (less diskspace, faster load time):
- Svince
- Svince 2
- Undva
- Undva 2
- Vinec-Skalsko
- Vinec-Skalsko Night

Please read below for more details about NGP and PaceNote plugin updates. Especially the NGP update makes few major improvements and hopefully you all can feel those FFB and steering sensitivity improvements. However, if you experience occassional micro-stuttering after this update then you may have to tweak graphics settings in your AMD/NVidia GPU drivers and in RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics page.


NGP Plugin - What's new (by WorkerBee) 7.2.770 2023-09-13
* performance improvements, use multiple CPU cores
* removed adaptive FFB (obsolete)
* use RBR engine volume setting for FMOD engine sounds
* mute RBR engine sound in replay when car has FMOD bank
* fixed HUD distance to end calculation
* reset camera zfar setting on stage load to prevent unwanted pop-ins
* requires PaceNote plugin 1.14 or higher for replay speed handling


PaceNote Plugin - What's new (By WorkerBee) 1.14.0 2023-09-13
* fixed handling of special characters (umlaut etc) in file names
* adapted to work with multi-core NGP 7.2
* CEGUI library updated to version 0.8.7 (requires new datafiles!)

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.42.0 (6,13Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5034

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: RBRControls plugin to map steering wheel, joystick and/or gamepad buttons to RBR and RSF keys and actions (menu navigation, rbrvr keys, call for help, retire action and much more). Now you can do most RBR things from controller buttons without ever touching the keyboard.
- New: RBRControls comes with an integrated H-pattern shifter support. This is an improved version of the classic hshifter functionalities. Hpattern/sequential/autodetected-per-car, ambient sound effects, better integration with RBR, multiple controller support, supports the use of RBR control bindings for sequential and using the new RBRControls-hshifter bindings just for hpattern if necessary.

ATTENTION. Do NOT use the old shifter plugin and this new RBRControls-hshifter at the same time. Our recommendation is you should use RSFLauncher.Plugins page to disable the old shifter plugin and to use just this new RBRControls shifter version.

See RSF in-game plugin menu Utils/RBRControls for a shortcut to open the RBRControls configuration screen.

We want send big thanks to Lw Ziye and his testing team in China for working with us to create the RBR Controls plugin. JoyToKey plugin was originally his idea and prototype, and he pushed us to improve it even further and to integrate with RSF. Congratulations for graduating to be a new RBR modder.

Also, yet-another big thanks to Towerbrah and this time for ambient sound implementation in the new RBRControls-hshifter.

- New: RSFLauncher app supports now multiple languages. See RSFLauncher.RallySimFans page and top right corner. There are now English, Chinese, Italian, French, Czech, Hungarian, Spanish and Finnish languages.

ATTENTION. We need your help with Italian, French, Czech, Spanish and other translations. Now those language options are purely machine translated, so those are full of silly mistakes. Please contact RSF administrators in RSF Discord channel for details how you can help to fix translation errors or even to add a new language.

Big thanks to Simrallycn team and community from China for helping us with the Chinese translation and making RSF more easily available for drivers from China. This is much appreciated.

- New: The "Adjust steering wheel range per car" feature supports Moza wheelbases. Thanks to Moza Sim Racing for showing interest to support niche-market like RBR rally simulator community also and not just those big arcade racing game communities.
- New: rallysimfans.ini [stage"> tyresoundvolume_gravel/tarmac/snow options to adjust the tyresound volume per surface type. At some point there will be an option in RSFLauncher to adjust this, but not yet.
- New: Practice menu does not show CarAudio/DownloadCar/Install-Slot menu options by default. These are irrelevant for most users. If you want to see these menu commands then set rallysimfans.ini [drive"> show_advanced_options=true option.
- Fixed: Small bug fixes here and there as usual.

- Re-structured and optimized track data files (less diskspace, faster load time):
- Peklo, Peklo Snow, Peklo R, Peklo Snow R
- Mlynky, Mlynky Snow, Mlynky R, Mlynky Snow R
- Swiss Gravel, Swiss Tarmac, Swiss III, Swiss IV
- Sturec, Sturec Snow, Sturec II, Sturec Snow II

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.41.0 (5,89Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5033

This time a release with new maps only (without plugin updates).
New stages:
- Zlín SS1 (by Jan Kaderábek)
- La Mussara Shakedown 1 & 2 (by Trasky).

Always pleasure to see new stages from these two very active stage authors. But stay tuned for plugin updates and even a new plugin release in coming days also.

Recently Spain has been "spoiled" to have numerous new maps. La Mussara Shakedown is an excellent addition there with lots of details to keep eye on along the route.

We wanted rush out this map release for this weekend because Barum Rally starts on Friday and many of you may recognize a legendary stage name Zlín. Now is your chance to test drive Zlín in RBR while your favorite rally drivers are driving it live.
At the moment Zlín is released as a preview version and is available only in certain online rallies. Keep eye on RSF online rally list with test rallies using the Zlín stage. The stage is not yet 100% ready, but it already looks amazingly detailed city stage. Please see a separate message about the story of Zlín, status and its creation process.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.40.0 (5,89Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Zlin's story:

The Zlin SS1 track is my personal project, a realization of my dream to bring my hometown into the virtual realm, and that too in the form of an iconic rally route in our beloved RBR!
It is the result of many years one person's effort (approximately 2 years of full-time work!), during which I created all the models and textures from scratch, based on photo-references I have taken - including 110 detailed buildings, all the road network, sidewalks, bridges, road signs, and so on.

I am incredibly happy that despite numerous periods of frustration (due to the endless work and also related financial demands), I have nearly completed this project! Only some final adjustments to the track remain, such as spectators and other related objects, as well as replay functionality. I hope you can tolerate that during the very first test.

I believe this project deserves further updates (especially updating it to 2023 version), however, in order to continue dedicating myself to developing the track, I will need to at least partially cover the expenses I have invested in it over these years.

Please visit web site to see how you can financially help to add missing things into the stage and to make it available in your own online rallies and in offline racing both in Rallysimfans and RBRTM platforms.

At the same time I have created a personal page through which you can follow further updates.

See you on the track.

Jan Kaderábek

Rallysimfans (RSF) as an entity is not affiliated with any of these stage specific support programs. If some stage asks for donations then we are not responsible of those and don't control those. Use your own judgement and if you are a minor then please consult your guardians before doing any financial transactions

The beginning:
The crew decided to develop their own plugin for Richard Burns Rally.
This plugin will feature several gaming modes for RBR like Hotlapping, Online Rally, Real-Time Rally and Testing/Practice mode. This is a grandious plan and we will inform the RBR fans here about the new features and versions of the " plugin".
Download Plugin
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