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Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP6: 0.52.4982

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)

- Installer failed to download the base game package for some users (the package was too big. This package is now split in several smaller pieces).
- 3-2-1 handbrake pause mode supports "Change Cam" rbr key to switch between internal and external cam view.
- 3-2-1 handbrake pause mode resumed with ESC key also (in case handbrake is not mapped or doesn't work).
- "Edit car setup" (TuneCar): Supports +1/+10/+20/+40 increments while adjusting setup options to make it faster to change values in those options with wider range of values (keeping left/right arrow key down steps up the increment longer the key is being hold down)
- RSF_Launcher Graphics page has a new "Show particle effects on race mode" option. If this option is untick then particle effects (dust, water splashes) are not shown on race mode, so FPS will be better. Particle effects are always shown in replay mode even when this option is untick.
- RSF_Launcher General game options has "Hide 'Press ESC for assistance' message" option to hide the annoying message when a car is stopped on stage.
- Upscaling option to upscale lower resolution RBR window to full screen size in windowed mode (normally RBR would show the low resolution window as a letterbox window on top left corner). See plugins\ngpcarmenu.ini RBRWindowUpscale option.
- Fixed language bug with certain languages (Start Stage crashed if misc\lng.dll language file didn't list the language)
- CTRL+ArrowKey didn't move RBR HUD in all RBR installations. This bug is now fixed and ctrl+arrowKeys should move the RBR dashboard HUD in all resolutions and rbr configs. CTRL+SHIFT+ArrowKey moves GaugerPlugin dashboard
- Clarified few warning and error messages in RSF plugin.
- Use pageUp/Down keys in the list of online rallies for faster browsing.
- The list of replay files is now sorted by date (the newest on top). Please be aware that several hundreds of replay files in "Replays" folder may cause stuttering, so consider deleting or archiving unnecessary replay files.
- Security improvements.

- New stages:
- Torsby 2018 (RALLY guru)
- Torsby 2018 Sprint (RALLY guru)
- BTB stages update:
- Ypsonas RallySprint (Stefanos Georgiou)
- Karankamäki ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- Laajavuori (Mikko Virtanen)
- Ruuhimäki (Mikko Virtanen)

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.16.1 (5,70Mb)

Have fun!
Lacka and Mika-n

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP6: 0.52.4977

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)

- new "edit car" setup editor integration in RSF. Improves the good old TuneCar with couple quality-of-life features: uses setup files from savedGames\MySummerCar\ car specific folders therefore micro management of those traditional RBR setup slot files is now irrelevant in RSF. Opening TuneCar screen automatically reads in the selected RSF setup file and the setup file name is shown on screen in TuneCar main menu. Improved saving and loading of setups with CTRL+S and CTRL+SHIFT+S shortcut keys to do Save and SaveAs. If the same setup file is re-opened after using CTRL+S shortcut keys then the setup screen you were working on is automatically re-opened. This makes it faster to do repeated tweaks to the same car part.

- new online rally option "force disable pacenote audio".

- new option to pause countdown at starting line until handbrake is pulled at least to 80% level. Pedal activity is visualized on screen on pause mode and steering wheel movement spins the camera around the car. This way drivers can verify controls before the actual race countdown begins.

- new option to "freeze frame" racing with PAUSE rbr control key. The first press freezes the game frame and the second press goes to normal pause menu. In freeze frame mode the car is frozen, but the camera is still working and all on screen HUDs are hidden. This makes it possible to take action screenshots even during racing. The freeze frame does work in replay mode also, so it is an easy way to stop the replay video.

- when the car has passed the finish line then stopping the car and setting N neutral gear ends the stage right away. This is useful in those maps where the end-of-stage takes a long time to trigger or buggy stage has some invisible collision problems near the normal end-of-stage map point.

- CTRL+ArrowKeys combination moves RBR digidash on screen position. CTRL+SHIFT+ArrowKeys combination moves GaugerPlugin on screen position while the car is on stage and those dashboards are visible. This is easy way to fine tune the placement of those dashboards and even RBRVR plugin users can now easily move around dashboards.

- mouse cursor automatically hidden after few seconds of mouse inactivity.

- RaceStatDB race statistics database now includes the name of the RSF online rally

- bug fixes here and there as usual.

-RSFLauncher to include an option for PauseFreeFrame and CountdownPaused options

- BTB stages
- Laitse RallyPark (Mihkel Kütt)
- Norrlands Sprinten (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Ramirent Sprinten 2010 (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Platres HillClimb (Stefanos Georgiou)
- Ubunapa Kabula (Esko Kytömäki / TangoTeam)
- Pirttikulma (Justup & BTBfin)
- Gränbäcken (Justup & BTBfin)
- Karankamäki (Esko Kytömäki / TangoTeam)
- Te Parae Road 2021 (AJNZ1)
- Te Parae Road 2021 R (AJNZ1)

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.15.2 (5,72Mb)

Have fun!
Lacka and Mika-n

Plugin update

Plugin version NGP6: 0.51.4974

-"Damage hash problem" bugfix

NGPCarMenu_1.17.26 update
-some bug fixes (replay BTB mapID bug) and some other "under the hood" bug fixes
-The "Hide unlit digital display warning icons" feature is now enabled by default

Use the Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.14.1 "Change settings" option to update NGPCarMenu_1.17.26.

Plugin update

Plugin version NGP6: 0.51.4972

-Pacenote Check BugFix

Plugin update

Plugin version NGP6: 0.51.4970

- Service Park
- Cars manager (to reload model)
- Plugin list in the main menu
- RBRCIT compatibility
- Other bug fixes

- RBR_FixUp- (WorkerBee)
- RBR_PhysicsNG-6.4.759.437 (WorkerBee)
- NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n)
BTB stages update
- Sarvana ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Inland Road Shakedown 2021 (AJNZ1)
- Inland Road Shakedown 2021 R (AJNZ1)
-Kuohu ((c) SSTF / BTBfin)

Special thanks to WorkerBee for making it possible for us to implement the Service Park function!
Thanks to the plugin testers for their hard work!

Information on the use of the service park can be found in the following document:

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.14.1 (5,62Mb)

best regards,
Lacka and Mika-n

Have fun!

Information about the expected plugin update:

2021.08.18. Rally Creator update. Until the plugin is updated, everything within the game will work as usual.

The Service Park function will be introduced next week!
As a first step, the website will receive the Rally creator, which supports the new service park,
Then the other elements of the website (rally information) will also be migrated.
During this time, the website and plugin may show different information about the rally.
The plugin is expected to be updated on August 20th.

Special thanks to WorkerBee for making it possible for us to implement the Service Park function!

best regards,
Lacka and Mika-n

Information on the use of the service park can be found in the following document:

Have fun!

Plugin version NGP6: 0.50.4074

-RallySimFans_Launcher - Launcher and configurator tool update (Mika-n)
-NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n)
-BTB stages
- Piren Tarmac (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Cueva Santa (Zaxxon)
- Colorado Springs West Circuit A (ChrisB)
- Colorado Springs West Hill Climb B (ChrisB)
- Monti di Ala (ChrisB)
- Laajavuori (Mikko Virtanen)
- Ruuhimäki (Mikko Virtanen)
- Kuomiokoski ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- Pöykky (Mikko Virtanen / pacenotes by Joonas Lönn)
- Myllylähde ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.13.1 (5,62Mb)

- Maps***.7z file verification fix
- [1054"> Ypsonas rallysprint (Stefanos Georgiou) -installer bugfix

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.12.4 (5,55Mb)

-Pian del Colle (Casgra11) -installer bugfix
-Pian del Colle Reversed (Casgra11) -installer bugfix

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.12.3 (5,55Mb)

- RallySimFans_Launcher - Launcher and configurator tool update (Mika-n)
- NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n)

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.12.2 (5,55Mb)

The beginning:
The crew decided to develop their own plugin for Richard Burns Rally.
This plugin will feature several gaming modes for RBR like Hotlapping, Online Rally, Real-Time Rally and Testing/Practice mode. This is a grandious plan and we will inform the RBR fans here about the new features and versions of the " plugin".
Download Plugin
Daily Stages

Previous daily results

330 Daily Stages WRC
30 SCHON Martin / Martin Schön
27 BaluLADA / Apkó Balázs
25 Osmar Schu / Osmar Schultz
23 Rsf-yzj / Hakka Yan
21 JabierFailure / Jos Jos
20 NyilasM / Nyilas Mihály
18 Dedi74 / Sebők Dezső
17 SlinkySlonkyWaffle / Julien Peeters
16 CHN-ChenYao / ChenYao
15 TOMECEK Josef / TomečekJosef
13 HavasiMark / Havasi Márk
12 Pepich Zoltan / Pepich Zoltan
11 LHerman95 / László Herman
10 MARTINEZ Tino / Faustino Martinez
8 Mark Colson / Mark Colson
7 J Niittynen / Jarmo Niittynen

330 Daily Stages R5-A8-B-R4
30 Diogo Souto / Diogo Souto Maior
27 Hlavi / Hlavacsek István
25 SCHON Martin / Martin Schön
23 Paulo Teixeira / Paulo Teixeira
21 Levimiko / Tratyik Miklós Dániel
20 CHN-ChenYao / ChenYao
18 BaluLADA / Apkó Balázs
17 Rsf-yzj / Hakka Yan
16 Miko88 / MIKOcom Rallysport
15 Dedi74 / Sebők Dezső
13 Jamie Kuhn / Jamie Kuhn
12 Marinka Tamas / Marinka Tamás
11 TOMECEK Josef / TomečekJosef
10 Zeke / Tomasz Podlewski
9 TITUS Sam / Sam Titus
8 PanczelBalazs / Pánczél Balázs
7 Vass Tomi / Vass Tamás
5 Mr_Bigglesworth / Matthew Boland
3 Osmar Schu / Osmar Schultz
1 MARQUES Miguel / MARQUES Miguel

330 Daily Stages R2-R3-A7-Rally4
30 Diogo Souto / Diogo Souto Maior
27 DIACONESCU Remus / Diaconescu Remus
25 Paulo Teixeira / Paulo Teixeira
23 TITUS Sam / Sam Titus
21 Eetu Majoinen / Eetu Majoinen
20 NyilasM / Nyilas Mihály
18 TOMECEK Josef / TomečekJosef
17 BaluLADA / Apkó Balázs
16 vandorigo / Vando Rigo
15 SergioMiranda / Sergio Miranda
13 LICIS Atis / Atis Līcis
12 fsrc_ovidiu / Ovidiu Fusarica
11 kaleeX / Marcus Petterson
10 JabierFailure / Jos Jos
9 Ricardo Belo / Ricardo Belo
8 attizoli
7 LHerman95 / László Herman
5 purplehaze777777 / Muhammad Bimo
3 Nechuta Petr / Petr Nechuta
1 COMA Albert / Albert Comaposada

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