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Download : Rallysimfans_Installer
NOTICE. Please be aware the Rallysimfans installation procedure is now different compared to how you may have used see it. Our old installation server has a capacity problem. We have now released a torrent download option as a solution. Please read carefully the following install guide and watch the video.
!!! TORRENT INSTALL GUIDE: Rallysimfans torrent installation guide

VIDEO TUTORIAL (By Prekek): Rallysimfans torrent installation video guide

GENERAL RSF INSTALL GUIDE: RBR_instructions_v7.pdf
(Download, update and server selection steps in this instruction guide is now outdated, because of the new torrent delivery method, but other parts in the document are still valid)

Please read the above linked "Torrent Install Guide" how to use rsf_installer_files_versionTag.torrent and Rallysimfans_Installer_versionTag.exe files. Remember to set the torrent client app to save torrent downloaded files into the folder where you intent to install the RBR game (for example "c:\games\Richard Burns Rally" folder).

After RSF torrent files have been loaded (100% completion) then you can proceed to run Rallysimfans_Installer_versionTag.exe app. When this RSF installer app asks for Rallysimfans RBR install folder then choose the same folder where you set the torrent to save RSF files (for example "c:\games\Richard Burns Rally" folder).

Download: rsf_installer_files_V3.torrent
   MD5 hash: "47a835b57579db629394e6a913c8630e"

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.37.2 (5,86Mb)
   MD5 hash: "a7d31325e2219547bbc5db6b9e2d72ad"

We are sorry for the inconvienience the capacity issue in the old download server may have caused to you. This is a "positive problem" when more and more people are finding Rallysimfans RBR mod to be the most fun way to play RBR. We are working hard to solve the server capacity issue and make the RSF installation as easy as it used to be.

However, now is your chance to help and contribute to the whole RSF RBR community. We would highly appreciate it if you could keep downloaded RSF torrent files in place and let your Torrent app to use those RSF files and this way helping us and other people to download RSF installation files. We would like to point out that this is voluntary and we do not demand anything or limit your RSF rally experience in anyway even if you cannot leave the Torrent app running in the background. Thank you for your understanding.

The good news these changes in RSF installation steps do NOT affect how the RSF and RBR game works. Online, Hotlap and Practice racing still works as it was.

How to update EXISTING RallySimFans (RSF) installation:
1. Follow the above explained Torrent download steps to download RBR maps and other required RSF installation files. Make sure to use your existing RBR game folder as SaveAt location for the rsf_installer_files torrent (location where qBitTorrent app saves downloaded files). For example "c:\games\Richard Burns Rally" folder.
2. Download the latest Rallysimfans_Installer_versionTag application from web site.
3. Close RBR and RSF_Launcher apps. If you leave these apps running while updating RBR some files may be locked and the update fails.
4. Run the Rallysimfans_Installer_versionTag.exe app when Torrent download was 100% completed. When the RSF Installer app asks for Rallysimfans RBR install folder then select the existing RBR game folder (for example "c:\games\Richard Burns Rally").
5. Select "Update Existing Installation" option from the installation type list (no need to do Full Installation option).
6. Press "Next - Next - Next" buttons to accept default options to update the existing installation.
7. Press "Install" button to actually update the existing installation.

Rallysimfans RBR online installer v1.37.0 (2023-02-27)

The plugin and the new tracks are NOT compatible with the Czech (RBRTM) and French (RSRBR) plugins!
Internet access is required to run the installer.
The installer includes the Richard Burns Rally base game, all supported tracks and DirectX 9.0c.
DO NOT INSTALL Richard Burns Rally in the
- C:\Program Files\
- C:\Program Files (x86)\
- C:\Users \ Your Account Name\ (Documents, Desktop, Downloads etc.)
- C:\Program
folders and avoid special characters as it will not work properly.
Make sure the RBR game and RSF_Launcher app are closed before proceeding with the installation

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics supports a version selection option for Vulkan dxvk (1.2 vs 1.3 Vulkan API). The newer 1.3 version supports higher quality SRS Anti-Aliasing, but not all old graphics cards support this new version. If you see "Could not find compatible Direct3D device" error message then try the previous 1.2 Vulkan option. The default is the latest version unless a specific version is selected.
- Bug fixes here and there as usual.

- New Stages:
- Odry (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujacek)
- Odry II (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujacek)
- Odry snow (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujacek)
- Odry snow II (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujacek)
- Odry snow Night (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujacek)
- Odry snow Night II (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujacek)

- New BTB Stages:
- Ahvenus I ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Ahvenus II ((c) Justup and BTBfin)

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Steering wheel, wipers and windscreen options can now have racing and replaying specific values. See RSFLauncher.Cockpit&Dashboard.
- New: Vulkan with anti-aliasing option. See RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics.
- New: Car selection screen shows year, shifter type (seq, h-shift) and steering wheel rotation range details along side those usual HP and gears details (only couple cars have this new data at this point, but we are adding these details one by one to RSF database. You will see this information automatically once the data is available).
- Improvement: NGP7 plugin has an option "AdaptiveFFB - Minimum FPS" to keep up the required FPS level. This value is recommended to be slightly below the monitor hz rate (60hz = 58FPS, 144hz = 140FPS). In new installations RSF now detects the refresh rate of the primary monitor automatically and sets this adaptiveFFB FPS option based on this hz rate. See RSFLauncher.Controls.Adaptive_FFB_FPS option.
- Improvement: Car slot #2 selection is no longer shown in the RSF plugin in order to avoid setup problems with certain cars in the slot #2.
- Fix: Startline bug fix where car got stuck in infinite penalty loop and occasional RBR crash there.
- Fix: And as usual other small improvements and fixes here and there.

NGP 7.1.769 (2023-02-04 created by WorkerBee)
- fixed performance issues due to excessive collision detection
- fixed low car speed issues

- New Stages:
- Narva Kreenholmi Rahvasprint 2022 (NaroGugul)

- Renewal and optimization of track data files
- Greenhills II Snow (Warthog Games)
- Semetin 2009 (Vasek Sourek)
- Semetin 2010 (Vasek Sourek)
- Greenhills Snow (Warthog Games)
- Azov I (Vasilij Popov)
- Azov II (Vasilij Popov)
- Shurdin I (Vasilij Popov)
- Shurdin II (Vasilij Popov)
- Gästabudstrofen (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- SSS Valasske Mezirici (David Hradil)

Special thanks to WorkerBee for the NGP improvements.
Congratulation to NaroGuguls for the first public RBR map release in RSF.
Special thanks to tomsmalley, aesthetic_sofa, mika-n for map optimizations.

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- Fix: Couple fixes and small changes here and there as usual.

- New Stages:
- PS Valstagna (created by RALLY Guru. Idea and support by Valerio Costa) -- Online only in certain special online rallies in RSF until donation goal reached. After that available both in offline and online racing --
- Sant Bartumeu - Valldoreix (Vicenc Caihuelas)
- Palvaanjärvi Sprint (Esko Kytömäki/Tango Team)

Please support RallyGuru to improve PS Valstagna with new features and to make it available also in offline racing by reading about the donation program at

Congratulation to Vicenc Caihuelas for the first public RBR map release in RSF.

DISCLAIMER: RSF is NOT affiliated with these donations at all, it is managed directly by the stage author. Use your own judgement when making financial transactions and please consult your guardians if you are a minor.

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Brand new 7.1 NGP physics plugin version support. This release makes the FixUp and PhysicsNG plugins obsolete. The traditional functionalities of those two plugins are now handled by the new NGP plugin (created and released by WorkerBee).
- Improvement: Small performance tweaks in low and medium render quality options. Note, This release brings also other FPS improvements introduced by the new NGP plugin and improves the FPS even in high render quality. WorkerBee did some magic with the new physics plugin to improve FFB effects, steering precision and FPS performance.
- Improvement: RSFLauncher.Controls page has "use automatic gearbox" option.
- Improvement: RSFLauncher can handle both the new NGP plugin (doesn't use Fixup plugin and Fixup.ini file at all) and older Fixup/PhysicsNG plugin installations (uses Fixup plugin and Fixup.ini file)

NGP 7.1 (2023-01-09 created by WorkerBee)
- PhysicsNG and FixUp plugin merged as NGP plugin
- all settings now in RichardBurnsRally.ini, FixUp.ini is obsolete!
- fixed skidmark handling
- improved steering
- French text translations courtesy of BlauGregg
- removed processor option
- added surface materials Sett_Dry, Sett_Damp, Sett_Wet

-Stages update:
- Rosciszow-Walim (Baran Tracks)
- Walim-Rosciszow (Baran Tracks)

Special thanks to WorkerBee for the NGP improvements.

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- Improved: MyPacenotes auto-saved pacenote files now preserve a custom file prefix
- Fix: Replay saving and playing bug fix (some of the old replay files may be still broken, sorry)
- Fix: Certain stage and weather selection combinations crashed
- Fix: Other minor fixes here and there as usual

- New Stages:
- El Fargue SS1 (Trasky)
- Rosciszow-Walim (Baran Tracks)
- Walim-Rosciszow (Baran Tracks)

- Renewal and optimization of track data files
- Peyregrosse Mandagout (Miro Kurek + JCRR)
- Pikes Peak 2008 (Miro Kurek)
- Slovakia Ring 2014 (Miro Kurek)
- Slovakia Ring 2014 II (Miro Kurek)
- Uhorna (Miro Kurek)
- Uhorna II (Miro Kurek)
- Uhorna snow (Miro Kurek)
- Uhorna snow II (Miro Kurek)

Special thanks to tomsmalley, aesthetic_sofa, mika-n for map optimizations.

Special thanks to AleksiP and the stage testing team for coordinating, evaluating and testing the new tracks.

Congratulations for Krzysztof Baran of the first RBR map release (Baran Tracks, Please visit his web page for more information.

Congratulation for Trasky of the the first RBR map release.

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)

- New Stages:
- Gabiria-Legazpi 2004 (Jan Kaderabek, Lorenzo Clerici, brought to you by Eneko Celayeta and -free-
- Legazpi-Gabiria 2004 (Jan Kaderabek, Lorenzo Clerici, brought to you by Eneko Celayeta and -free-

For new high-quality laser scanned stages, support creators on! Thank you, Jan & Lorenzo

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- Improved: Support for Logitech GHub application and G29/G27/G920/G923 steering wheel combination with Adjust steering wheel rotation range
- Fix: Installer Co-driver installation bugfix

- New Stages:
- Gabiria-Legazpi 2004 (Jan Kaderabek, Lorenzo Clerici, brought to you by Eneko Celayeta and -- Online --

For free online & offline use and more new high quality stages, support creators on

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- Fix: Pacecar bug fix on BTB stages.
- Fix: Other fixes and small changes here and there as usual.

- New: Add RBRCountdown plugin This is a plugin for Richard Burns Rally to show a graphical on-screen 3-2-1-GO countdown timer when a car is at the starting line (by HanaMcHanaface)

- New Stages:
- La Atalaya (Lipe Valentin)
- La Atalaya II (Lipe Valentin)
- Rally Diepflingen 2022 II (Prekek)
- Era del Cardon II (Lipe Valentin)
- Murello (Casgra11)

-Stages update:
- Era del Cardon (Lipe Valentin)
- Rally Diepflingen 2022 (Prekek)

Congrats to HanaMcHanaface for creating her first RBR plugin (RBRCountdown) and thank you for giving a permission to distribute it to all RSF drivers.

Big thank you RBR-World admins for co-operation and giving us the Murello stage

Special thanks to AleksiP and the stage testing team for coordinating, evaluating and testing the new tracks.

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Integration of physical steering wheel rotation range with a car specific lock-to-lock rotation. Supports several Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster, SimuCube, OpenFFBoard, MMos steering wheels. See RSFLauncher.Controls page and "Adjust steering wheel range per car" and RSFLauncher.MyCars lock-to-lock rotation range options. Big thanks to active members of RSF community for testing with their devices.
- New: Map authors can use several map loading screen (splash screen) images. If there are multiple loading screen image files for a stage then RSF shows randomly one of them while the stage is being loaded. This way map authors can add a bit of variation here.
- Improved: In-game Practice Pacecar option supports now ENTER key press. It shows a list of pacecar recordings from GhostCars folder and you can choose any of those as a pacecar. This is useful if your friend shares you her or his pacecar recording file. Just drop it in GhostCars folder in RBR installation folder.
- Improved: Pause control key (RBR control binding) now releases 3-2-1 countdown pause state just like pulling a handbrake. This is useful if the system doesn't have handbrake at all.
- Improved: Small improvements in renderQuality low and medium options.
- Fix: MyReplays fixes here and there.

- French translate setups menu (by BlauGregg)
- Improved: Clouds textures mod (by Nobody)
- Improved: Rallysimfans textures update of a exhaust pop (corrected transparency from older version & increased resolution) (by Nobody)

- Biskuce 2004 I & Biskupice 2004 II - Now the first time available for everyone both in offline and online races. Big thanks to Martin for re-releasing these stages for offline racing also.

- New Stages:
- Banov I (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujácek)
- Banov II (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujácek)
- Banov okruh (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujácek)
- Koprivnice SS1 (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujácek, Napa RBR Cup)
- Koprivnice SS2 (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujácek, Napa RBR Cup)
- Koprivnice SS3 (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujácek, Napa RBR Cup)
- Koprivnice SS4 (Miro Kurek, Martin Bujácek, Napa RBR Cup)
- Horazdovice - Komusin (Myra43, Grizzly Racing Tracks)
- SSS Valasske Mezirici (David Hradil)

- New BTB Stages:
- La Serra d'Almos (Gus Garcia)

-Stages update:
- Helfstyn (David Hradil, Jan Kaderabek)
- Biskupice 2004 (Jan Kaderabek, Lorenzo Clerici, Silvio Kuhm, Martin Bujácek) -free-
- Biskupice 2004 II (Jan Kaderabek, Lorenzo Clerici, Silvio Kuhm, Martin Bujácek) -free-

-Renewing the track data files of (this takes several minutes)
- Biskupice SSS
- Lucéram - Col Saint-Roch
- Pian del Colle
- Pian del Colle Reversed
- Pian del Colle Snow
- Pian del Colle Snow Reversed
- Torsby 2018
- Torsby 2018 Sprint

Special thanks to AleksiP and the stage testing team for coordinating, evaluating and testing the new tracks.

- RBR_FixUp- (WorkerBee)
fixed shading bug for internal cameras
fixed siren (spectator cheering) sound
fixed loading of animations

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Pacecar to drive with our own alter egos in Practice racing. Options are: Off / Fastest in the same car / Fastest in the same car group / Fastest car in the stage / Previous drive
- New: RSF in-game Option has a new "Pacecar recording" option to define whether driving is saved as a pacecar. If you never intent to use pacecars then you may want to disable this option
- New: RSFLauncher.MyCars shows the car preview image and NGP7 steering wheel rotation value (Tobier)
- New: RSFLauncher.Backup button to backup personalized RSF and RBR files (pacenotes, car setups, configurations). See Backups subfolder in RBR game location
- New: F11ScreenshotPath option to set a custom screenshot folder (see plugins\ngpcarmenu.ini.sample file and F11ScreenshotPath option for examples)
- New: CarState in Practice racing has a new "Reuse tyres between stages" option. The option repairs a car, but keeps old tyres between practice stages. You can use this to test how tyres last over several stages
- Improved: RenderQuality=low works in classic RBR maps without texture and popping object bugs
- Improved: RSFLauncher.MyReplays improvements and few bug fixes when launching a replay (Tobier)
- Improved: After crossing finish line in hotlap mode, "Restart" menu is disabled to make sure the drive is properly finished and time registered
- Improved: The default BTB replay cam set to externalCam automatically
- Improved: Space key toggles a favorite car and stage in Practice and Hotlap main menu also, not just in the car or stage list
- Improved: Allow modified "official" stages to be used in Practice mode as an unofficial stage (useful for map authors when they export a new map version on top of the official map files in RSF)
- Improved: Allow stage authors to use stage specific animation scripts and marshal textures (see AnimationPath option in tracks1234.ini) to match the theme of the stage.
- Improved: RallySimFans automated update logic in scenarios where network connection is unstable

- New: Add Clouds textures mod (by Nobody)

- New Stages:
- RZ Barak (Miro Kurek, Napa RBR Cup)
- RZ Barak snow (Miro Kurek, Napa RBR Cup)
- Mitterbach Tarmac (Myra43, Martin Bujácek)
- Olsava 2010 (Myra43, Martin Bujácek)
- Olsava long (Myra43, Martin Bujácek)

-Stages update:
- Helfstyn (David Hradil, Jan Kaderabek) - Added supporters names, minor objects and textures tweaks.
- Verkiai 2010 (RALLY Guru) - Small performance optimizations.
- Verkiai 2010 reverse (RALLY Guru) - Small performance optimizations.
- Verkiai 2010 Super Special (RALLY Guru)

- Test Stages:
- Rally Yard, Garage, Podium, Service Park - (Warthog Games)

Special thanks to AleksiP and the stage testing team for coordinating, evaluating and testing the new tracks.

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: RSFLauncher has a new MyReplays page where you can now more easily manage, search and launch RBR replays.
- New: RBR digidash and gaugerPlugin dashboards support optional miles, MPH and Fahrenheit measures (see RSFLauncher.Cockpit&Dashboard options).
- New: RBR render quality MEDIUM option for stages in RBR track format (ie. non BTB stages). Now there are low-medium-high options available and the new medium option improves FPS by 10-15% but doesn't cause stage specific texture bugs like the low option causes. See RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics.RenderQuality option. Alternative way is to specify this per stage via rallysimfans_personal.ini file in [Stage1234] renderquality=medium option
- Fixes: Here and there small bug fixes as usual.

- New Stages:
- Alpes Rally (DmRally)
- Rally Diepflingen 2022 (Prekek)

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Graphics settings support racing vs replay specific options. You can set racing to lower (better FPS performance) quality while replay options use higher quality options (for example CubicEnvMaps and CarShadows are recommended to set Off in racing, but enabled in replays). See RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics options.
- New: BTB supports "BTB Render Quality = Low vs High" to optimize BTB performance. The low render quality may help if a PC has FPS issues in BTB stages. See RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics options. A big thanks to IvanN for creating the first version of FPS optimized BTB settings.
- New: Graphics settings can be overridden per stage if the global default value set in RSFLauncher is not optimal for a specific stage (see rallysimfans_personal.ini file and [stage1234] options)
- Improvement: If a car uses FMOD engine audio then the original RBR's subaru engine audio is muted automatically.
- Improvement: Weather selection menu now shows an "Overcasted" tag if there are identically named duplicated weather options.
- Fix: If a screenshot is taken (F11 key) while FreezeFrame pause is enabled then the "written file rbr.png" text fades out faster.
- Fix: Various other smaller improvements and bug fixes here and there as usual.

- New Stages:
- Harju 2019 (Harju Team)

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Support for brand new NGP7 car physics and Fixup mods (created and released by WorkerBee).
- New: On-stage start clock synchronized with 3-2-1 countdown and with optional styles. See RSFLauncher.RallysimFans.StartClock option (countdown secs with or without hh:mm, hh:mm:ss where seconds are synced with 3-2-1 countdown and runs from 50 to 59 before "GO")
- New: Practice menu remembers the latest driven damage selection (Off/Safe/Reduced/Realistic) between reboots
- New: In-game plugin option to disable automated downloading of custom car setups (see in-game plugin Options.Download car setups)
- New: F11 screenshot uses PNG file format with smarter filenames and if RBR is not in fullscreen mode then F11 key takes just the RBR content and not the whole desktop into the screenshot. See RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics.Screenshot option.
- New: Option to set how long "Race result - Personal best" message on the top right corner is shown when replay video begins (hidden or 1-30 secs. By default RBR shows the message for 16 secs which is quite a long time. See RSFLauncher.RallysimFans options)
- New: RSFLauncher.Controls has "Prevent repeated shift events within N milliseconds" option to workaround issues with faulty sequential shifter hardware (sends more then one shift events to RBR even when you intended to change just one gear)
- Improved: Rally school menu in RSF plugin has gravel and tarmac custom setup selections (some lessons are on gravel while others are on tarmac. These setup selections are automatically used on a lesson based on surface type)

On the behalf of RSF team and drivers in RSF platform we would like to send big thanks to WorkerBee for creating the yet-another new generation of physics engine.

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Rally School integrated into RallySimFans (RSF) letting you to drive rally school lessons with any car and setup (see "Rally School" in RSF main menu)
- New: Personalised camera settings (internal/bonnet/bumper/etc) preserved even when a car model is reset or re-downloaded or a custom car skin and model settings installed on top of existing model files in Cars folder.
- Fix: Linux Wine support
- Fix: Various other bug fixes here and there as usual

- New Stages:
- Inland Road 2022 (AJNZ)
- Inland Road Reversed 2022 (AJNZ)

- New BTB Stages:
- Ulu Karagita (Marko Kytomaki/Tango Team)
- Sleeping Warrior 2019 (Rodrigo Rodriguez)
- Fintele (Rodrigo Rodriguez)
- Hakolahti sprint ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- Pengonpohja II ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Sarvana II ((c) Justup and BTBfin)

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Practice/Hotlap/Online setup selection remembers the latest setup per surface.
- New: MyCars page in RSFLauncher to set settings per-car (FMOD volume, digidash position, steering wheel on left or right side, on-screen visual steering wheel rotation, FFB sens). Thanks to Tobier for MyCar support in RSFLauncher tool and implementing other improvements in the tool. Thanks to tomsmalley for the idea of RHS-vs-LHS steering wheel adjustment and insights of SGC model file structure.
- New: Possibility to set RBR digidash position per car if the same global digidash position is not optimal with all cars. Enable this option in the new RSFLauncher.MyCars options per-car.
- New: Vulkan gfx mode supports now Vulkan+SimHub combination (See Enhanced gfx mode option in RSFLauncher.Screen&Grapics page).
- New: Automated recovery after 4-5 secs back to road if a car is free falling into void (some maps may have holes).
- New: RBR engine sound volume is now automatically set to 100% when RSF detects the car on stage uses FMOD audio (new RBR users often make the mistake of not using 100% in-game engine volume even when it is required with FMOD engine audio). Tweak FMOD audio volume level via RSFLauncher tool.
- New: Possibility to remap RBRVR control keys to any other keyboard key if default numpad keys of RBRVR are not optimal (see Virtual Reality settings and ControlMapping button in RSFLauncher). Controller keys not yet supported, but coming "soon".
- Improved: Car specific RBRVR seat positions preserved when switching cars.
- Improved: If RBR resolution is changed and old coordinates of PaceNote GUI windows are out of the new screen boundaries then PaceNote GUI windows are moved automatically within the new visible screen area.
- Improved: Here and there small improvements to on-screen text styles (color/shadow fonts), wrong way sign not shown in certain places when a car is not actually driving to wrong way (RBR bug fix).
- Fix: Certain Windows Update caused RBR crash in some PCs.
- Other fixes and small improvements here and there.

-Stages update:
- Zelezniki (Pintar Bojan converted DmRally)

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Keeps RBR alive and running during racing and replaying even when the game is in background. See RSFLauncher "Keep RBR alive in background" option. If you use "3-2-1 countdown paused" then you can even initiate the stage loading and alt-tab to some other application. RBR keeps loading the stage in the background and waits for you at the start line with a 3-2-1 countdown paused.
- New: RBRVR seat positions are now preserved per car and re-used automatically each time the same car is driven the next time. No more tedious rbrvr seat adjusting everytime you change a car.
- New: Personalised car specific settings (instead of one global value for all cars): visual onscreen steering wheel rotation, forcefeedback sensitivity on gravel/tarmac/snow, FMOD volume level. These personalised car properties are preserved in rallysimfans_personal.ini file (automatically created when you drive a car for the first time) and users can edit those options using Notepad until RSFLauncher has a user-interface for these car specific options.
- Improved: A setup file created or loaded in EditSetup screen is now automatically selected as the current setup file when returning to RSF menu.
- Improved: Possible to hide unnecessary weather options in Practice weather menu list (trackSettings.ini files support the new ShowInMenu=false option to hide weather options you hardly ever drive with)
- Improved: New version of Vulkan dxvk driver.
- Improved: Stage authors can choose a default weather and surface options for their stages (please contact RSF admins if you want RSF by default to show certain specific weather, surface and tyre selections when people chooses a stage in Practice or Hotlap racing).
- Improved: Several new stages introduced to the advanced cut monitoring. Cutting rules created in co-operation with Tortue and RSF team.
- Fix: Replaying of "online only" stages is now possible without an offline license as long the user is logged in RSF plugin (use autologon or manually login before replaying "online only" stages)
- Fix: BTB snow particle effect.
- Fix: Alt-Tabbing bug fix in some PC setups.
- Fix: Bug fixes here and there as usual.

-New Stages:
- Zelezniki (Pintar Bojan converted DmRally)

-Stages update:
- El Cubilete (ChrisB)
- Sagen Sweden 2012 (RBR-WRC)
- Sainte - Agnes (RBR-WRC)
- Kaihuavaara 2021 ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Monti di Ala (ChrisB)
- Koirakivi ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- Pirttikulma Snow ((c) Justup and BTBfin)

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Particle support in BTB stages. The default BTBSnow and BTBTarmac particle effect files created by DonPedro. Thank you!
- New: Particle mod KahooV5 included in the RSFInstaller. This is a recommended component if you don't have any other particle mod already. Those who update existing installations should tick "Install Particle Mod (by Kahoo)" option in the last installation screen. New installations have this component selected by default.
- New: Advanced cut monitoring system taken in use on some stages and soon on many more. This was created in co-operation with Tortue and RSF team. Thank you Tortue. Happy to work with you.
- Improved: Freeze Frame feature supports now Freeze-only mode also where the RBR pause menu is not shown at all (see RSFLauncher.Controls page).
- Improved: New version of Vulkan dxvk graphics driver. Vulkan should improve FPS on most systems. This is now modded to support Intel HD integrated GPU also (the previous stock version of Vulkan dxvk worked only with AMD and NVidia GPUs). See RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics page for Vulkan dxvk option.
- Fix: Few weather selection related improvements and fixes while working with DonPedro to test custom weather options on vanilla stages.

-New Stages:
- Biskupice 2004 (Jan Kaderabek, Lorenzo Clerici, Silvio Kuhm) -Online only-
- Biskupice 2004 II (Jan Kaderabek, Lorenzo Clerici, Silvio Kuhm) -Online only-

This RSF version is mainly a bug fix and map release version. No major new features this time (those are waiting for some other time):
- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Co-operation with Tortue to have an improved and additional cut monitoring logic supporting brakewalls and time penalties in any map and on any location on a map. Brakewalls work even on BTB stages. We will add these new cut rules map by map in the future and hopefully few good maps make it back to Championship usage also when certain cutting places and "holes in a map" are blocked with these new brakewall and time penalty rules. Big big thanks to Tortue for creating the concept and the proof-of-concept version.
- New: The RSF core engine supports restricted stages (online only vs offline racing). Stay tuned for more information in the near future what this under-the-hood feature means for drivers. At the moment this is just something under the hood and not visible for drivers.
- Improved: FreezeFrame feature not allowed in Online and Hotlap racing.
- Improved: If PaceNote plugin is used to move a car position in Online and Hotlap racing then a time penalty is given even when the jump was less than few meters.
- Fix: Bug fixes here and there as usual

- New BTB stages:
- Karagita Ruma (Marko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- TMF A 2021 (Ravitoto)
- Kutemajärvi 1994 (M.Virtanen)
- Koirakivi ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- Pirttikulma Snow ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Kaihuavaara 2022 ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Piren Gravel (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Elmenteita (Esko Kytömäki/Tango Team)

Special thanks to Tortue for creating the additional advanced cut monitoring concept and Mika-n for the review and integration to RSF

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Indicate non-installed stages and list them in a separate category.
- New: Enhanced graphics support for NVidia and AMD graphics cards with Vulkan dxvk interface (improves the stability of FPS rate when vsync is enabled. If vsync is disabled then improves overall FPS on many stages). See RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics page for more information.
- New: RSFLauncher supports custom resolutions in the resolution dropdown selection list (you can modify rsf_launcher\Configs\customOptions.ini file to add and remove pre-selected resolution selections).
- Improved: DirectX9 fullscreen mode with enhanced Vulkan dxvk graphics interface supports now alt-tabbing between a desktop and RBR (traditional graphics interface supports desktop switching only in Normal fullscreen mode).
- Improved: Bonnet cam added to the RaceCam selection list.
- Improved: In the WeatherSky menu, press Enter to see the full list.
- Fix: RaceCam selection in RSFLauncher was sometimes overridden with a wrong camera selection - Improved: From the WeatherSky menu, press enter to see the full list.
- Fix: Missing Split 2 time.
- Fix: The service park can only be entered once. After watching the stage results, the service park was active again.
- NGP Switcher removed from installer.

-New Stages:
- Era del Cardon (Lipe Valentin)

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Add Broken Windshield Texture (LEZA) (Choose to install Rallysimfans texture updates)
- New: TrackIR view range extender support in RSFLauncher (makes it possible to use 180 or even more as trackIR range)
- New: FOVCaculator links in RSFLauncher when "Override FOV in cockpit view" is enabled
- New: WrongWay message moved under the timer to make it less distracting. Optional "Hide wrong way" message option.
- New: Default race cam option in RSFLauncher (the default view when a car goes to the starting line)
- New: High process priority during racing and replays. May help to avoid occasional stuttering issues. See ngpcarmenu.ini.sample and ProcessPriority explanation for details.
- New: Custom BTB stages shown in "Test BTB Tracks" stage folder. Non-RSF-online-approved BTB stages are now available in Practice menu to benefit from RSF car selections and setups.

- Improved: Installation and use of custom stages in classic format is now easier (Stage specific subfolder in Maps, TracksXXX.ini, TrackSettingsXXX.ini and TextureFilenameMapXXX.ini file support, xxx=mapID). Shown in "Test Tracks" stage folder in Practice menu.
- Improved: TrackIR with extended view range (user configured)
- Improved: MyPacenote feature automatically merges a custom note file with the latest map data when required (sometimes after a map update custom note may need few updates also. Now this is done automatically under the hood when necessary)
- Improved: RallyRadio delays the pause music until the stage has been fully loaded
- Improved: The red "standard time exceeded" timer background removed as unnecessary feature

- Fix: Stage loading bugfix (surface and in Practice mode "always new / keep previous car state" option)
- Fix: Pacenote verification bugfix.
- Fix: FreezeFrame bugfix in replay mode (RBR was frozen completely if ESC key was pressed during FreeFrame state in replays).
- Fix: Fixed overflow of results list in online rallies causing incorrect row order after service parks.
- Fix: Custom dashboard scaling bugfix in RSFLauncher when resolution was more than 1920x1080

- Use default RichardBurnsRally_SSE 4Gb patch (Allows 4GB of virtual memory for RBR on the x64 platform)
- Other bug fixes

-New Stages:
- Zaton (Mato22)
- Zaton II (Mato22)
-Update Stages:
- Rallysprint Hondarribia 2011 (Eneko Celayeta)
- Vargassence (Martinez) (Installer fix)

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Customized "Favorites" selection group in the car and stage menu (press ENTER key on Car and Stage selection menu line). SPACEBAR key press toggles favorite status of a car and stage.
- New: FOV support in freecam (press F9 key in the chaseCam to use freecam. Mouse buttons and a scrollWheel movement moves the camera. Now it supports CTRL key + scrollWheel to adjust FOV. Alternative way to adjust the FOV is to hold down scrollWheel when scrolling it).
- New: TrackIR option in RSF Launcher and trackIR feature in RBR is now enhanced to support full 180° view range.
- New: When camera shaking is disabled via RSF Launcher option, it now disables the shaking effect in the true internalCam view also and not just in bumperCam view.
- New: RSF now supports multiple "broken windshield" textures to simulate randomness of how the windshield is shattered (
- New: Support for stages using high resolution textures and LB2 optimized data structures (important for stage authors).
- New: Home/End key support in RSF menus (Home key takes to the first and End key to the last menu line in RSF and car/stage menu lists).
- Improved: The online rally lists at the top those rallies you have already entered ("yellow" colored rallies) to make it easier to find those.
- Improved: Weather setting selections for each stage.
- Improved: TuneCar (setup editor) option increment improvement. Now CTRL+left/right arrow key speeds up the increment more than just holding left/right arrow key down (less aggressive increments when CTRL is not hold down).
- Improved: Original RBR cars disabled in the car selection list (those are not NGP6 physics compatible and caused just confusion among new drivers).
- Fixed: "Missing stage" error message in Online rally didn't always list correct stage names.
- Fixed: The selection of the previous setup in Continue rally was broken. Now it properly selects the previously selected setup.
- Fixed: Car manager fixes.
- Fixed: Audio and custom setup file download fixes.
- Fixed: Pacenote verification fixes.
- Fixed: Grayed out menu lines are now properly skippped.
- Fixed: Sometimes "Call for help" menu was not available.

- New stages:
- Helfstyn (BTB: David Hradil, conversion: J)
- New BTB stages:
- Savo (Mikko Virtanen)
- Korpiaho (Mikko Virtanen)
- Makkola (Mikko Virtanen)
- Kuri Bush 1 (AJNZ)
- Kuri Bush 2 (AJNZ)
- Ubunapa Kabula II ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- Kinamba Yala ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- Mattila ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Hassi ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- Cueva Santa II (Zaxxon)

- Installer server selector bug fix

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- Installer failed to download the base game package for some users (the package was too big. This package is now split in several smaller pieces).
- 3-2-1 handbrake pause mode supports "Change Cam" rbr key to switch between internal and external cam view.
- 3-2-1 handbrake pause mode resumed with ESC key also (in case handbrake is not mapped or doesn't work).
- "Edit car setup" (TuneCar): Supports +1/+10/+20/+40 increments while adjusting setup options to make it faster to change values in those options with wider range of values (keeping left/right arrow key down steps up the increment longer the key is being hold down)
- RSF_Launcher Graphics page has a new "Show particle effects on race mode" option. If this option is untick then particle effects (dust, water splashes) are not shown on race mode, so FPS will be better. Particle effects are always shown in replay mode even when this option is untick.
- RSF_Launcher General game options has "Hide 'Press ESC for assistance' message" option to hide the annoying message when a car is stopped on stage.
- Upscaling option to upscale lower resolution RBR window to full screen size in windowed mode (normally RBR would show the low resolution window as a letterbox window on top left corner). See plugins\ngpcarmenu.ini RBRWindowUpscale option.
- Fixed language bug with certain languages (Start Stage crashed if misc\lng.dll language file didn't list the language)
- CTRL+ArrowKey didn't move RBR HUD in all RBR installations. This bug is now fixed and ctrl+arrowKeys should move the RBR dashboard HUD in all resolutions and rbr configs. CTRL+SHIFT+ArrowKey moves GaugerPlugin dashboard
- Clarified few warning and error messages in RSF plugin.
- Use pageUp/Down keys in the list of online rallies for faster browsing.
- The list of replay files is now sorted by date (the newest on top). Please be aware that several hundreds of replay files in "Replays" folder may cause stuttering, so consider deleting or archiving unnecessary replay files.
- Security improvements.

- New stages:
- Torsby 2018 (RALLY guru)
- Torsby 2018 Sprint (RALLY guru)
- BTB stages update:
- Ypsonas RallySprint (Stefanos Georgiou)
- Karankamäki ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- Laajavuori (Mikko Virtanen)
- Ruuhimäki (Mikko Virtanen)

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- new "edit car" setup editor integration in RSF. Uses setup files from savedGames\MySummerCar\ car specific folders therefore micro management of those traditional RBR setup slot files is now irrelevant in RSF. Improved saving and loading of setups with CTRL+S and CTRL+SHIFT+S shortcut keys to do Save and SaveAs.
- new online rally option "force disable pacenote audio"
- new option to pause countdown at starting line until handbrake is pulled at least to 80% level
- new option to "freeze frame" racing with PAUSE rbr control key. Camera controls work during the freeze frame, so this is useful when taking action screenshots
- when the car has passed the finish line then stopping the car and setting N neutral gear ends the stage right away
- CTRL+ArrowKeys combination moves RBR digidash on screen position. CTRL+SHIFT+ArrowKeys combination moves GaugerPlugin on screen position while the car is on stage and those dashboards are visible, and even RBRVR plugin users can now easily move around dashboards
- mouse cursor automatically hidden after few seconds of mouse inactivity
- RaceStatDB race statistics database now includes the name of the RSF online rally
- bug fixes here and there as usual
-RSFLauncher to include an option for PauseFreeFrame and CountdownPaused options
-Installer options have an extended description, some unnecessary things have been removed for easier use

- BTB stages
- Laitse RallyPark (Mihkel Kütt)
- Norrlands Sprinten (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Ramirent Sprinten 2010 (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Platres HillClimb (Stefanos Georgiou)
- Ubunapa Kabula (Esko Kytömäki / TangoTeam)
- Pirttikulma (Justup & BTBfin)
- Gränbäcken (Justup & BTBfin)
- Karankamäki (Esko Kytömäki / TangoTeam)
- Te Parae Road 2021 (AJNZ1)
- Te Parae Road 2021 R (AJNZ1)

- RBR_FixUp- (WorkerBee)
- RBR_PhysicsNG-6.4.759.437 (WorkerBee)
- NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n)
- BTB stages update
- Sarvana ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Inland Road Shakedown 2021 (AJNZ1)
- Inland Road Shakedown 2021 R (AJNZ1)
- Kuohu ((c) SSTF / BTBfin)

- RallySimFans_Launcher - Launcher and configurator tool update (Mika-n)
- NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n)
- BTB stages
-Piren Tarmac (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
-Cueva Santa (Zaxxon)
-Colorado Springs West Circuit A (ChrisB)
-Colorado Springs West Hill Climb B (ChrisB)
-Monti di Ala (ChrisB)
-Laajavuori (Mikko Virtanen)
-Ruuhimäki (Mikko Virtanen)
-Kuomiokoski ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
-Pöykky (Mikko Virtanen / pacenotes by Joonas Lönn)
-Myllylähde ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)

- Maps***.7z file verification fix
- Ypsonas rallysprint (Stefanos Georgiou) -installer bugfix
-Pian del Colle (Casgra11) -installer bugfix
-Pian del Colle Reversed (Casgra11) -installer bugfix
- RallySimFans_Launcher - Launcher and configurator tool update (Mika-n)
- Addition of .NET Core Desktop Runtime 3.1.15
- NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n)
- Addition of RallySimFans_Launcher - Launcher and configurator tool (Mika-n)
- NgpCarMenu plugin automatic update (Mika-n)
- Addition of RBRvr v1.6 VR mod for OpenVR (Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen)
- Stages
-Lucéram - Col Saint-Roch (Casgra11)
-Pian del Colle (Casgra11)
-Pian del Colle Reversed (Casgra11)
-Pian del Colle Snow (Casgra11)
-Pian del Colle Snow Reversed (Casgra11)
- BTB stages
-Karkaus (Esko Kytömäki / TangoTeam)
-Komokoriki Hill Road 2021 (AJNZ)
-Komokoriki Hill Road 2021 R (AJNZ)
-Kuohu ((c) SSTF / BTBfin)
-Lebanon Rally SSS RPM (Georges Barakat and Jannecordians)
-Savulampi (Esko Kytömäki / TangoTeam)
-Vesala ((c) Esko Kytömäki / TangoTeam))

- Stages
-Biskupice SSS (Jan Kaderabek, Lorenzo Clerici, Silvio Kuhm)

-FixUp plugin update (WorkerBee)
- BTB stages
-Aittajärvi ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
-Kaihuavaara 2021 ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
-Vennivaara ((c) Justup and BTBfin)

- Installer bugfix (pacenote, gauger plugin)
- Stages
- Vargassence Mirror-Reverse (Martinez)

- Display base components (, NGP6, FixUP, NGPCarMenu, rbr_RX plugins)
- Modified file check in the rsf_install_files folder
- RichardBurnsRally_SSE 4Gb patch (Allows 4GB of virtual memory for RBR on the x64 platform)
- Other bug fixes

- Stages
-Komarov (Miro Kurek, Myra43, Napa RBR Cup)
-Komarov II (Miro Kurek, Myra43, Napa RBR Cup)
-Komarov Snow (Miro Kurek, Myra43, Napa RBR Cup)
-Komarov Snow II (Miro Kurek, Myra43, Napa RBR Cup)
- BTB stages
-folder renaming (Myttäälä Gravel --> Myttaala Gravel)
-folder renaming (Pirttijärvi --> Pirttijarvi)

-FixUp plugin update (WorkerBee)
- NgpCarMenu plugin automatic update (Mika-n)
- Replace the RallySchool menu in the main menu with a menu link
- Addition of SplashScreen
- Language specific default navigator sound settings
- Modify settings added to Installation Types (no components selected)
- Note on the installation of Banners, Particles, Scripts, TrackSettings files
- RBRTestPlugin.dll disabled
- Preserve installation files (rsf_installer_files) the files here are not being downloaded from the server
- Stages
- Vargassence (Martinez)
- BTB stages
- Bareyo (Sisco)
- Bareyo II (Sisco)
- Bareyo Snow (Sisco)
- Bareyo Snow II (Sisco)
- Course de Cote de Cauterets (Jerome65)
- Dylanda (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Dylanda II (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Erken (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Erken II (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Gästabudstrofen (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Kidney Health Snow (xtribe)
- Miadamanjaka (Beelabba)
- Miadamanjaka II (Beelabba)
- Montecrestese (Luciano Migliorati)
- Sainte - Agnes (RBR-WRC)
- Skogby (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Stoccareddo (Barto91)
- Stoccareddo II (Barto91)
- Tikkala (Paulus Linjamäki)
- UK 2 (Barnaudprod)
- Valkenswaard Rallycross (Chavy)
- Valvestino (Dallas)
- Valvestino II (Dallas)
- Ypsonas rallysprint (Stefanos Georgiou)
- Hokkara Gravel ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Hokkara Gravel Rever ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Hokkara Snow ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Hokkara Snow Rever ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Myttäälä Gravel ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Pirttijärvi ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Sarvana ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Pengonpohja ((c) Justup and BTBfin)
- Inland Road Shakedown 2021 (AJNZ1)
- Inland Road Shakedown 2021 R (AJNZ1)

- NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n)
- RBR_FixUp- (WorkerBee)
- RBR_PhysicsNG-6.4.759.432 (WorkerBee)
- Stages
-Ring Kulso 2011 pre-alpha V0.6
-Ring Belso 2011 pre-alpha V0.6

- NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n) (Launch of BTB tracks)
- Optional Automatic navigation to the menu screen
- Add RBR_RX plugin (Launch of BTB tracks)
- Installer bug fix
- BTB stages
- Bikol Tardos (Keke)
- Vyskälä SS1 (Vileska)
- Vyskälä SS2 (Vileska)
- Vyskälä SS3 (Vileska)
- Vyskälä SS4 Evening (Vileska)
- Vyskälä SS4 Noon (Vileska)
- Burgknop (DonLeon08)
- Burgknop II (DonLeon08)
- Le barrage des gorges (Bob)
- Arteara Artedara (Airam)
- Cercados de Espino (Sisco)
- Olocau Gatova (Zaxxon)
- Limnis Plastiras (Xaros)
- Castrazza Sardinia (Bruce)
- Nechanice - Presin (izzy.gnr)
- Lantosque - Luceram (ChrisB)
- Lantosque - Luceram II (ChrisB)
- Antaramanana (Beelabba)
- Antaramanana II (Beelabba)
- El Cubilete (ChrisB)
- Serra d'Agua (Sisco)
- Sibiu Superspecial (Spiridush)
- Blyfoten (Jalle)
- Dead Head (Jonathan Johansson)
- Hacke Pokalen (Linus Norén)
- Hurricane Peak Hillclimb Snow (Casgra11)
- Sagen Sweden 2012 (RBR-WRC)
- Ouninpohja (SSTF / Mikko Virtanen)
- Ouninpohja II (SSTF / Mikko Virtanen)

- NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n)
- Add Cars, Tracks Pictures and other Icons
- Hungarian navigator sounds
- Vas Gábor (VasGabi)
- Installer bug fix

- Add plugin
- Extract Audio.dat file
- Rename PC_InputFilter.ini
- Remove Read Only
- Add FMOD Audio banks (WorkerBee and FMOD team)
- Add NGPCarMenu plugin (Mika-n)
- Pacenote Plugin (WorkerBee) Hungarian language
- Hungarian navigator sounds
- Hlavacsek István (Hlavi)
- Horváth Otto (Dumber)

Extra content available:
- Hungarian navigator sound
- Improved sounds
- Pacenote Plugin (WorkerBee)
- Gauger Plugin (v317mt)
Installer makes changes to some of the original textures. (Billboards, Loading Screens, Referee and Media Vests, Rescue Helicopter, Improved Water Texture, Improved Exhaust Flame Texture, DashBoard Texture)

Installation information

- The plugin and the new tracks are NOT compatible with the Czech (RBRTM) and French (RSRBR) plugins!
- Internet access is required to run the installer.
- Install the latest drivers for your computer for the game to work properly!

Thanks to the following track builders and support teams:
Baran Tracks
black f./jharron
Bojan Pintar
Bostjan Berglez
Dan Simek
David Hradil
Eneko Celayeta
Esko Kytömäki
Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam
Georges Barakat
Grizzly Racing Tracks
Gus Garcia
Harju Team
Hlavacsek István
Jan Kaderabek
Jonathan Johansson
Joona Karimaa
Joonas Lönn
Jukka Grönfors
Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen
Linus Norén
Lipe Valentin
Lorenzo Clerici
Marko Kytömäki/Tangoteam
Martin Bujácek
Mihkel Kütt
Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken)
Mikko Virtanen
Miro Kurek
Napa RBR Cup
P. Dall'Era
RALLY guru
Rallyesim Team
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Savo Stage Team
Savo Stage Team Finland
Silvio Kuhm
Slawek Wiszczor
Stefanos Georgiou
Vas Gábor
Vašek Šourek
Vasilij Popov
Vicenc Caihuelas
Vratislav Honzálek
W.H.C. SICILY Rally Tracks

The team wishes you a great time!

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