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Plugin version NGP6: 0.50.4074

-RallySimFans_Launcher - Launcher and configurator tool update (Mika-n)
-NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n)
-BTB stages
- Piren Tarmac (Mikael Jakobsson (Jacken))
- Cueva Santa (Zaxxon)
- Colorado Springs West Circuit A (ChrisB)
- Colorado Springs West Hill Climb B (ChrisB)
- Monti di Ala (ChrisB)
- Laajavuori (Mikko Virtanen)
- Ruuhimäki (Mikko Virtanen)
- Kuomiokoski ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)
- Pöykky (Mikko Virtanen / pacenotes by Joonas Lönn)
- Myllylähde ((c) Esko Kytömäki/Tangoteam)

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.13.1 (5,62Mb)

- Maps***.7z file verification fix
- [1054"> Ypsonas rallysprint (Stefanos Georgiou) -installer bugfix

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.12.4 (5,55Mb)

-Pian del Colle (Casgra11) -installer bugfix
-Pian del Colle Reversed (Casgra11) -installer bugfix

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.12.3 (5,55Mb)

- RallySimFans_Launcher - Launcher and configurator tool update (Mika-n)
- NgpCarMenu plugin update (Mika-n)

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.12.2 (5,55Mb)

Plugin update

Plugin version NGP6: 0.50.4073

-Biskupice SSS (Jan Kaderabek, Lorenzo Clerici, Silvio Kuhm) re-enabled (rsf replay weather bug fix)

Plugin version NGP6: 0.50.4071

- Changed weather control
- Weather settings added into replay menu

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.12.1 (5,55Mb)

- Addition of RallySimFans_Launcher - Launcher and configurator tool (Mika-n)
- NgpCarMenu plugin automatic update (Mika-n)
- Addition of RBRvr v1.6 VR mod for OpenVR (Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen)
- Lucéram - Col Saint-Roch (Casgra11)
- Pian del Colle (Casgra11)
- Pian del Colle Reversed (Casgra11)
- Pian del Colle Snow (Casgra11)
- Pian del Colle Snow Reversed (Casgra11)
-BTB stages
- Karkaus (Esko Kytömäki / TangoTeam)
- Komokoriki Hill Road 2021 (AJNZ)
- Komokoriki Hill Road 2021 R (AJNZ)
- Kuohu ((c) SSTF / BTBfin)
- Lebanon Rally SSS RPM (Georges Barakat and Jannecordians)
- Savulampi (Esko Kytömäki / TangoTeam)
- Vesala ((c) Esko Kytömäki / TangoTeam))

Thanks to the donors for the Lucéram - Col Saint-Roch and Pian del Colle courses:
Janne Laahanen (Janne Laahanen), Thelc (Jelle Leeuwerck), Shakey Deal (Jordan Pettet), Luis (Luis Carreiro), Chrisu (Christer Pärus), AleksiP (Aleksi Paakinen), Snow (Raphael Funke), BartosM97 (Maté Bartos), btbfin (Ville Kivimaa), totbalazs (Peter Görög), mika-n, lacka6

Here is a list of major new features in the NGPCarMenu 1.17.14 plugin:
- MyPacenotes feature to make it easier to maintain own custom pacenotes. See RSF_Launcher and MyPacenotes options.
- Rally Radio feature to integrate Spotify/iTunes/YouTubeMusic/online radio/any other media player running in a web browser or in application. Rally radio is automatically paused in racing and resumed in RBR menu.
- Support for different GaugerPlugin styles in racing and replay modes (Plugins\GaugerPlugin.cfg is used in racing and Plugins\GaugerPlugin_replay.cfg in replays).
- Replay metadata file has new [RunkiSpots"> data listing replay positions when something "significant" happened. You can use this position data in PaceNote replay manager to jump directly to review the incident
FLS=False start
C4H=Call for help
- "Loading replay" status text shows the name of the stage, car and damage model.
- RSF_Launcher support (optional addon tool to manage and launch RBR). The launcher supports both RSF and RBRTM rbr installations.

Plugin version NGP6: 0.50.4069

-NGPCarmenu version check bug fix
-Other minor bug fixes

Plugin version NGP6: 0.50.4066

The Biskupice SSS is temporarly disabled, because the replay function don't load the corresponding tracksettings.ini for the stage, therefore the stage doesn't look like in replay as it should.

Plugin update

Plugin version NGP6: 0.50.4065
Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.11 (5,52Mb)

- Stages
-Biskupice SSS (Jan Kaderabek, Lorenzo Clerici, Silvio Kuhm)

-If the RBR does not start after the automatic update, run the installer in Update or Modify settings mode.

Plugin update

Plugin version NGP6: 0.50.4064
Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.10 (5,52Mb)

- FixUp plugin update (WorkerBee)
- Hotlap results show stage name
- Online weather display modification - dry (clear), wet (light rain), . . .
- New stages in a separate category [-new- ">

-If the RBR does not start after the automatic update, run the installer in Update or Modify settings mode.

The beginning:
The crew decided to develop their own plugin for Richard Burns Rally.
This plugin will feature several gaming modes for RBR like Hotlapping, Online Rally, Real-Time Rally and Testing/Practice mode. This is a grandious plan and we will inform the RBR fans here about the new features and versions of the " plugin".
Download Plugin
Daily Stages

Previous daily results

215 Daily Stages WRC
30 Diogo Souto / Diogo Souto Maior
27 Osmar Schu / Osmar Schultz
25 NyilasM / Nyilas Mihály
23 NKS / Niko Siivonen
21 MITRIX / Di Go
20 TOMECEK Josef / TomečekJosef
18 juris_Cze / Jiří Kubíček
17 Solitude / Dawid
16 shdwbta / Pau Arcas

215 Daily Stages R5-A8-B-R4
30 Diogo Souto / Diogo Souto Maior
27 Hlavi / Hlavacsek István
25 rallyfenegyerek / Pap Róbert
23 Osmar Schu / Osmar Schultz
21 rallyeman / Lőrincz Ádám
20 juris_Cze / Jiří Kubíček
18 Marko Vastamaki / Marko Vastamäki
17 Dedi74 / Sebők Dezső
16 MITRIX / Di Go
15 TOMECEK Josef / TomečekJosef
13 LyamFinn
12 ChunHin Cheung / ChunHin Cheung
11 Mr_Bigglesworth / Matthew Boland
10 azur007fff / t.seto
9 NeBe / Németh Bence

215 Daily Stages R2-R3-A7-Rally4
30 Diogo Souto / Diogo Souto Maior
27 DIACONESCU Remus / Diaconescu Remus
25 NyilasM / Nyilas Mihály
23 WumboTron / a
21 drinkSlurm / B K
20 Dedi74 / Sebők Dezső
18 EnHaugerud01 / Elias Haugerud
17 Osmar Schu / Osmar Schultz
16 juris_Cze / Jiří Kubíček
15 MITRIX / Di Go
13 Marko Vastamaki / Marko Vastamäki
12 Gomez / Adrián Gyula
11 TOMECEK Josef / TomečekJosef
10 Rallh / HILLAR Lars
9 BMKi / Bernd Mathis

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