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Online Rally
Rally info
Nipa Racing 2wd
Description:Without notes
Damage Level:realistic
Number of Legs:2
SuperRally150% Penalty
Pacenotes options:No pacenote symbols and audio
Started/Finished:127 / 52
Total Distance Rally:26.3 km
Physics version:NGP7
Car Groups:Fiat 126 Grp2, Opel Ascona 400 Grp4, Trabant P 800 RS GrpA, Renault Clio 16S Williams GrpA, Porsche 911 SC RS GrpB, Renault Twingo R1, Citroen C2 R2 Max, Ford Fiesta R2, Opel ADAM R2, Peugeot 208 R2, Renault Twingo R2 Evo, Honda Civic Type R(FN2) R3, Fiat 124 Abarth Rally RGT, Lada VFTS GrpB, Renault 5 GT Turbo GrpA, Wartburg 353 W 460 GrpA, Porsche 911 SC 3.0 Grp4, Citroen C2 GT S1600, Skoda 130 RS Grp2, Skoda Favorit 136 L GrpA, Lada Kalina RC2 GrpA, Skoda 130 LR GrpB, Lotus Exige S RGT, Opel Manta 400 GrpB, VW Golf II GTI 16V GrpA, Toyota Celica TCT (TA64) GrpB, Ford Escort Mk II RS Grp4, Alpine A110 Rally RGT, Lancia Stratos HF Grp4, Peugeot 106 Rallye S20 GrpA, BMW M3 E30 GrpA, BMW M3 E36 GrpA, Citroen Xsara Kit Car, Peugeot 306 Maxi Kit Car
Leg 1:2023-01-20 12:36 - 2023-01-26 23:59
Leg 2:2023-01-20 12:37 - 2023-01-26 23:59
In Game:
# Stage name Distance Surface Weather Tyre/setup choice Set tyre
Leg 1
Loch Ard (Loch Ard)
---Dry (Normal)Noon Crisp PartCloudyes/yesGravel Dry
Leg 1 Total Distance8.4 km
Leg 2
  Road side service - 5 minutes
West coast (Blyfoten)
---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearyes/yesGravel Dry
  Service Park - 45 minutes - 3 Skilled mechanic
Border field (Hassi)
---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
  Road side service - 5 minutes
Narrow path (Kormoran shakedown)
---Dry (Normal)Morning NoRain LightCloudno/noKeep previous
Leg 2 Total Distance17.9 km
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