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Championships (beta)

 ChampionshipsNumber of rallies

Organizers: GBratsos
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 310

Welcome to RallyDiaries eRally Championship organised by Bratsos Team. Join us and follow our passion for motorsport through simracing. Visit our website:
5 / 1

Organizers: VirtualRally_eu
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 1292

Championship based on best real rallies from WRC and ERC. VRC Discord:
11 / 1

Organizers: vandorigo
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 725

13 / 1

Organizers: MORGAN Owen
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 455

Welcome to the British Rally Championship on RSF, featuring 7 rounds. Join us on discord for more information
7 / 0

Organizers: Jaime Carretero, GARCIA Juan Carlos
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 366

Championship based on some of most iconic rallyes of the world with an old school essence. Perfect for people who is looking for really big challenges! More info in our discord:
12 / 1

Organizers: Sim Rally Master
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 623

Last year's succes formula stays the same: 7 long rallies, all with classic rally cars! Discord:
7 / 0

Organizers: caterham, Schorn Juergen
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 585

Oldest RBR Championship since 2006. A championship with 4 Rallies, always with the latest championship settings of the plugin. For more information, join the Classic Cup Discord Server:
4 / 1

Organizers: Schorn Juergen, caterham
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 519

Welcome to the newest Classic Cup adventure. 4 short Rallyes , max. 50 km. A championship with 4 Rallies, always with the latest championship settings of the plugin. For more information, join the Classic Cup Discord Server:
4 / 1

Organizers: LanZer
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 359

Official Italian Championship based on rally RONDE .
10 / 0

Organizers: fedecar90
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 305

Official Italian Gravel Championship
6 / 0

Organizers: lacka6, MVRB
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 185

8 / 0

Organizers: FlatoutGR
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 389

5 rallies - 5 weeks - 5 days each, with a single car class. A short series to keep us warm in the bleak winter. Join our discord at
5 / 5

Organizers: Mattias Barrett
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 554

One of the most anticipated rally championships IS BACK! With 14 rallies, new JWRC cars, this championship will start on January 3rd, 2023. Links: - URS Discord - YT Channel
14 / 3

Organizers: BlindRallyCup
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 365

Blind Rally CUP '23 is a rally season for Historic, Front Wheel Drive and 4Wheel Drive cars. Season includes 10 rallies of which two worst finishes will be removed from points after the season. Join RBR Discord for information!
10 / 1

Organizers: maikol9
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 458

Welcome to the official 2023 Italian Rally Championship, organized by Seven Speed ​​Racing SIMWORLD, sponsored by 3DRAP. Join the discord server to stay updated:
8 / 0

Organizers: BUJACEKMartin
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 561

International RBR-CUP 2023 / More info RULES & CALENDAR for season 2023 at 15.12.2022!
10 / 0

Organizers: SIMcontrol
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 663

Legendary vehicles from rally history, mini-tournament to enjoy this Christmas and New Year.
5 / 5

Organizers: Kacper Biernacki, Kringelwurst, xXmatthyXx2002
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 430

Championship based on American Rally Events, join our discord
14 / 1

Organizers: Papy Jim
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 308

International RGT Trophy 2023 championship open to all with 7 rallies on the program, calendar . Only cars from the RGT Group can participate. Good road to all
7 / 1

Organizers: Sim Rally Master
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 681

A spin-off championship of Sim Rally Masters, to test a few things for next season. Check the official Sim Rally Masters discord for info about the championship.
7 / 7

Organizers: BartosM97
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 167

A GULF-al közreműködésével közösen elindult ez a bajnokság ahol csak magyar pilóták mérhetik össze tudásukat. A linken megtalálod a versenykiírást amiben minden info benne van!
8 / 5

Organizers: Deebee
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 708

Group A and N4 cars on a mix of rallies around the world
10 / 9

Organizers: Diogo Braganca
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 259

official tugasracing rally in rbr with a prize on the line, use of r5 cars and only base game tracks, if you want to know anything else check out the discord
5 / 3

Organizers: Jozef Frederik Suto
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 488

Join the community discord here for more informaton: This is the first ever championship of the World eRally Association [WERA]. We keep on doing more championships later.
8 / 8

Organizers: belkori
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 551

Nyolc futamos bajnokság!
8 / 4

Organizers: Nagy Attila
Rally Physics NGP7
Entry: 893

Realisztikus törésmódban 12 futamos bajnokság.
12 / 7
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