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Championships (beta)
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Asia Pacific Rally Championship

 Asia Pacific Rally Championship
Organizers: GuyIncognito, Kacper Biernacki
Relive the 30+ year history of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship. Featuring a collection of cars and rallies from the real series and other significant events in the region. Join us on Discord

Rally info
APRC 2024 R3 - Rally of Canberra
Description:For round 3 we are sliding through the challenging pine forest lined roads around the Australian capital.
Damage Level:realistic
Number of Legs:3
SuperRally150% Penalty
Pacenotes options:Only pacenote audio
Started/Finished:160 / 81
Physics version:NGP7
Distance:132.9 km
Car Groups:Group 2, Group 4, Group A7, Group A8, Group R2, Super 1600, Rally 4, Rally 3, Super 2000
Leg 1:2024-04-08 00:01:00 - 2024-04-14 23:59:00
Leg 2:2024-04-08 00:01:00 - 2024-04-14 23:59:00
Leg 3:2024-04-08 00:01:00 - 2024-04-14 23:59:00
In Game:
# Stage name Distance Surface Weather Tyre/setup choice Set tyre
Leg 1
1Mineshaft---Dry (New)Noon Hazy Clearyes/yesGravel Dry
2Tidbinbilla---Dry (New)Morning Hazy Clearno/noKeep previous
3New Bobs---Dry (New)Evening Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
  Service Park - 30 minutes - 4 Competent mechanic
4Mineshaft 2---Dry (Normal)Noon Crisp Clearno/yesKeep previous
5Tidbinbilla 2---Dry (Normal)Morning Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
6New Bobs 2---Dry (Normal)Evening Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
Leg 1 Total Distance52.2 km
Leg 2
  Service Park - 60 minutes - 4 Competent mechanic
7Greenhills---Dry (New)Morning Hazy Clearyes/yesGravel Dry
8Kowan North---Dry (New)Noon Crisp PartCloudno/noKeep previous
9Kowan South---Dry (New)Morning NoRain LightCloudno/noKeep previous
  Service Park - 30 minutes - 4 Competent mechanic
10Kowan North 2---Dry (Normal)Noon Crisp PartCloudno/yesKeep previous
11Kowan South 2---Dry (Normal)Noon NoRain LightCloudno/noKeep previous
12Greenhills 2---Dry (Normal)Noon Crisp PartCloudno/noKeep previous
Leg 2 Total Distance39.2 km
Leg 3
  Service Park - 60 minutes - 4 Competent mechanic
13Bluetts---Dry (New)Noon Hazy Clearyes/yesGravel Dry
14East West---Dry (New)Evening Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
15New Lees Creek---Dry (Normal)Morning Crisp PartCloudno/noKeep previous
  Service Park - 30 minutes - 4 Competent mechanic
16Bluetts 2---Dry (Normal)Noon Crisp Clearno/yesKeep previous
17East West 2---Dry (Normal)Evening Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
18New Lees Creek 2---Dry (Normal)Morning Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
Leg 3 Total Distance41.5 km
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