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RallyKitFans '98 UK

 RallyKitFans '98 UK
Organizers: PETTET Jordan, LAAHANEN Janne
A small, hopefully easy to approach, series based loosely on the 1998 British Rally Championship season consisting of 6 events. USAGE OF RENAULT CLIO 16S WILLIAMS, VW GOLF II GTI 16V, RENAULT 5 GT TURBO OR LADA KALINA RC2 WILL RESULT IN A DQ!

Rally info
RallyKitFans 98 UK #5 - Stena Line Ulster Rally
Description:Using Clio Williams, Golf Mk2, Renault 5 GT Turbo or Lada Kalina will lead in DQ.
Damage Level:realistic
Number of Legs:1
Pacenotes options:Don't show the 3D pacenote and countdown of pacenote distance
Started/Finished:171 / 14
Physics version:NGP7
Distance:79.0 km
Car Groups:Group A7, Group A6
Leg 1:2023-11-23 00:00:00 - 2023-11-29 23:59:00
In Game:
# Stage name Distance Surface Weather Tyre/setup choice Set tyre
Leg 1
1Cargygray 1---Wet (New)Morning HeavyRain HeavyCloudyes/yesTarmac Wet
2Hamiltons Folly 1---Wet (New)Morning LightRain HeavyCloudno/noKeep previous
3McGaffins Corner 1---Damp (New)Noon Hazy LightCloudno/noKeep previous
4Tyrones Ditches 1---Damp (New)Morning NoRain LightCloudno/noKeep previous
  Service Park - 60 minutes - 4 Skilled mechanic
5Cargygray 2---Wet (New)Morning LightRain HeavyCloudyes/yesTarmac Intermediate
6Hamiltons Folly 2---Damp (New)Morning Crisp PartCloudno/noKeep previous
7McGaffins Corner 2---Dry (New)Noon Hazy LightCloudno/noKeep previous
8Tyrones Ditches 2---Dry (New)Morning Crisp PartCloudno/noKeep previous
Leg 1 Total Distance79.0 km
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