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Sim Rally Classics

 Sim Rally Classics
Organizers: Sim Rally Master
A spin-off championship of Sim Rally Masters, to test a few things for next season. Check the official Sim Rally Masters discord for info about the championship.

Rally info
SRC Round 7: Rally de Cataluna
Damage Level:realistic
Number of Legs:1
Pacenotes options:Only pacenote audio
Started/Finished:203 / 43
Physics version:NGP7
Distance:92.5 km
Car Groups:Group 2, Group 4, Group A5, Group B
Leg 1:2023-02-01 00:00:00 - 2023-02-07 23:59:00
In Game:
# Stage name Distance Surface Weather Tyre/setup choice Set tyre
Leg 1
1El Fargue---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearyes/yesTarmac Dry
  Service Park - 20 minutes - 3 Skilled mechanic
2La Atalaya---Dry (New)Noon Crisp Clearno/yesKeep previous
3La Mussara 1---Dry (New)Noon Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
  Road side service - 3 minutes
4El Montmell---Dry (New)Morning Hazy PartCloudno/noKeep previous
5Les Garrigues---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearno/yesKeep previous
  Service Park - 30 minutes - 3 Skilled mechanic
6Les Garrigues R---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
7La Llena---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
  Road side service - 2 minutes
8La Ribera d Ebre---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
  Service Park - 20 minutes - 3 Skilled mechanic
9La Mussara 2---Dry (New)Morning LightFog LightCloudno/yesKeep previous
10La Atalaya R---Dry (New)Morning LightFog HeavyCloudno/noKeep previous
  Road side service - 2 minutes
11Riudecanyes---Dry (New)Morning HeavyFog HeavyCloudno/noKeep previous
Leg 1 Total Distance92.5 km
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