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Classic Cup 2023 Sprint

 Classic Cup 2023 Sprint
Organizers: Schorn Juergen, caterham
Welcome to the newest Classic Cup adventure. 4 short Rallyes , max. 50 km. A championship with 4 Rallies, always with the latest championship settings of the plugin. For more information, join the Classic Cup Discord Server:

Number of rounds :4 / 3
Physics version :NGP7
Cars allowed in R1 :WRC 1.6 (WRC 1.6)
WRC 2.0 (WRC 2.0)
Group 2 (Group 2)
Group 4 (Group 4)
Group A5 (Group A5)
Group A6 (Group A6)
Group A7 (Group A7)
Group A8 (Group A8)
Group B (Group B)
Group N4 (Group N4)
Group R1 (Group R1)
Group R2 (Group R2)
Group R3 (Group R3)
Group R4 (Group R4)
Group R5 (Group R5 ,Rally 2)
Group RGT (Group RGT)
Super 1600 (Super 1600)
Super 2000 (Super 2000)
Rally 5 (Rally 5)
Rally 4 (Rally 4)
Rally 3 (Rally 3)
Score system :Abszolut: 50,43,38,34,31,28,26,24,22,20,18,16,15,14,12,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Categories: 25,20,16,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Enable multiplier in pointsystem :no
Subtraction of the two worst races :no
Car categories to be marked at entry :yes 2 category
Required Licence for participation
  R1 Licence :International,

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