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Rally of the 1000 Lakes 1982
Online Rally
Rally info
Long Rally
Damage Level:reduced
Number of Legs:5
SuperRally :150% Penalty
Started/Finished:3 / 1
Total Distance Rally:172.0 km
Fizika verzió:NGP
Car Groups:NGP-Gr.B, NGP-R1-R2, NGP-R5, NGP-WRC 1.6, NGP-Production, NGP-A8, NGP-S2000, NGP-GT, NGP-WRC 2017, NGP-R3T, NGP-WRC, NGP-Gr2, NGP-Gr4, NGP-A5, NGP-A6, NGP-A7
Leg 1:2019-08-25 12:19 - 2019-08-26 23:59
Leg 2:2019-08-25 12:19 - 2019-08-26 23:59
Leg 3:2019-08-25 12:19 - 2019-08-26 23:59
Leg 4:2019-08-25 12:20 - 2019-08-26 23:59
Leg 5:2019-08-25 12:20 - 2019-08-26 23:59
On stage:
# Stage name Distance Surface Weather Tyre/setup choice Set tyre
Leg 1
Service Park
1Cote D'Arbroz4.5 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesTarmac Dry
Service Park
2Joux Plane11.1 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
3Peklo8.4 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
4Halenkovice SD4.4 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
5Lousada - RX3.7 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Leg 1 Total Distance32.1 km
Leg 2
Service Park
6Peyregrosse Mandagout12.8 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesTarmac Dry
Service Park
7Mlynky7.0 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
8Osli-Stryckovy10.7 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
9Passo Valle5.8 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
10Sturec8.1 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Leg 2 Total Distance44.4 km
Leg 3
Service Park
11RSI 11.5 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesTarmac Dry
Service Park
12Pribram9.1 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
13Vicar4.8 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
14Rally school mix5.2 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
15Courcelle Val d'Esnoms7.9 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Leg 3 Total Distance28.6 km
Leg 4
Service Park
16Sieversdorf8.0 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesTarmac Dry
Service Park
17Autiovaara Tarmac6.1 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
18Akagi3.5 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
19Shomaru Pass5.8 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
20Northumbria Tarmac9.0 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Leg 4 Total Distance32.4 km
Leg 5
Service Park
21Verkiai 20105.6 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesTarmac Dry
Service Park
22Maton I3.6 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
23Rallysprint Hondarribia 20117.6 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
24Sorica15.0 kmNewclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Service Park
25SSS Mikolajki Rally I2.7 kmNormalclear (dry)yes/yesKeep previous
Leg 5 Total Distance34.5 km
Daily Stages
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